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Alejandrina (Alex)


Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

San Antonio, TX

About Alejandrina

I am here to help you find the moments to decompress from the daily stresses that come from your every day life.

*As human beings, we all have a wish to be noticed, heard, valued, and understood. Asking for touch and getting it is essential for your happiness, relaxation, immune support, and overall physical and mental health.  

*As each one of us is a unique person, coming from a wide variety of cultures, with different families, individual life events and personalities, we all have various ways that we desire how those touch needs are to be filled.  

*Asking to receive Touch for physical and mental needs is not taught or encourged.  In fact, tactile skin needs have been degraded down to being a sin, but in fact are basic human necessities for survival.

*Thoughts and feelings are often communicated in nonverbal ways through the movement (touch) of skin to skin contact.

*Touch is a basic human need since the time of development in the womb, upon birth, and throughout the human life. 

* If you are a busy professional, a self-employed individual, and people refer to you as a workaholic then it’s probably time to book a session.  

* Do you feel shy, lonely, seeking connection,and craving for that long lost intimacy feeling along with nurturing touch to help you relax and significantly reduce your stress? Today is the day to “Request a Session”.

* I am a local San Antonio native, and a well traveled person.  I have taken trips to various parts of the world and have experienced, seen and lived in various conditions, cultures and have a wide perspective on humanity.  This has given me the unique viewpoint for my great love for all mankind, no matter their sex, race or age.  As the parent of a special needs child, I have the experience, patience, compassion and understanding to nurture you, help you unwind and empower you to become a better person.  

          *Click the link “Request a Session” to schedule a session now. 

* I am compassionate, nurturing, spirited, colorful, and down-to-earth. People generally feel comfortable and relaxed in my presence. I have always had a way of being there for people, as both a listener and an open communicator. I have a wide assortment of hobbies such as cross fit, yoga, meditation, running, camping in the out doors and serving when called upon in the local community. I speak Spanish fluently, if you do not speak English.

Session information from Alejandrina

* I live on the north side of town in San Antonio, Texas. When you make a request for a session, I will contact you by phone or email before scheduling a meeting time. Any questions and or requests will be discussed via telephone. Please speak with me about any special requirements, questions or allergies and I will do anything within reason to oblige to your request.  You are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing for the session as well as to have pillows, blankets, music and or anything else that will make it a relaxing and comfortable time for you.  

* Cash is preferred and credit cards are accepted and payable prior to beginning the session.  For changes or cancellations please provide 24 hours notice via text, phone call and lastly email. If I cancel or reschedule your appointment, then I will deduct $25.00 from your session.  If you cancel less than 24 hours then the fee for cancellations and reschedules is $25.00 and payable before re-scheduling your session.  I do in calls at a professional office throughout the day and evening, out calls to your place of choice and may be available to travel outside San Antonio, Texas state or the country. 

* I will be professional, considerate, understanding and free of judgment. I am a happy, relaxed and pleasant person who will greet you with a smile and your choice of a handshake or hug.  I look forward to make your acquaintance, help you with your touch needs and establish a lasting relationship ! 

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Skills & Specialties

varieties of holistic medicine spiritual healing practices Doterra essential oils Fluent Spanish speaker Experience with people with Autism


Request a session for availability. Professional office suite for in calls. Able to travel to make outcalls at your request.