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Anastasia Allington


Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Austin, TX | Hyde Park

About Anastasia Allington

Anastasia has been cuddling Austinites since 2013. Her intention with all of her cuddle clients is to create a space that encourages each one to relax and feel comfortable.

She believes that physical touch is essential to create healthy bonds and relationships and that includes the relationship one has with oneself. She would like everyone to experience what it’s like to be touched or held with no expectations, no agenda; to relax into a kind of connection that can be extremely nurturing and nourishing. She firmly believes that you are perfect exactly as you are. When there is nowhere to “get to” and no expectations, then you can relax and simply be where you are at the present moment.

Anastasia is an intimacy and embodiment coach as well as a registered yoga teacher. Her favorite clients are folks who are busy, tired, love cuddling, are stressed, who love hugs, those new to town, new to parenthood, single for a while, touch-deprived, or in need of an oxytocin fix. Essentially, everyone.

Session information from Anastasia Allington

I welcome you to my space! Cuddling takes place in a cozy room dedicated to the art of cuddling and relaxation. Fluffy pillows, blankets, candles, soft music (or not), and natural light. I like to sage the space prior to sessions, but have quite a few clients who do not care for it, so am happy to not sage if that’s your preference.

It’s important to me that clients feel comfortable asking for the touch they want. Together, we create a space where you feel empowered to do so.

I’m conveniently located in Hyde Park which is easily accessible from most parts of Austin. when I recevie a request from you I wil respond with a phone call to get acquainted. If you’d like me to contact you another way, please indicate that in your request.

Skills & Specialties

RYT Reiki Intimacy Coaching


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