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Anna Joy


Session Rate: $90/hour

Fremont in Seattle, WA

About Anna Joy

(Pronouns: she/her; every gender, orientation, and race welcome)

I can’t imagine feeling more satisfied than I do after offering a Cuddlist session. I love bodies, and I adore co-transporting to the mesmerizing “cuddle zone,” the magical place where touch-based oxytocin hormones bring us healing and contentment. I experience benefits and joy first hand in myself, my friends, and my clients – whether it’s a healing, coaching, or just a solid snuggle sesh.

Cuddling, to me, is an offering of deeply nourishing, connective touch and holding, facilitated either to meet your wants in the particular moment, or help you identify what they are. I want you to walk in as exactly who you are and what you feel right now, and walk out feeling blissful and content…and maybe a little more ready to love yourself.

I opened my “cuddle ambassador” practice in early 2015.  My mission is to share intimacy until it’s a resource everyone can access. Along with my stamp of approval from Cuddlist, I certified as a professional cuddler in Fall of 2015 through Cuddle Up To Me in Portland. Reiki practitioner since 2014; I practice embodiment and breath-work in the vein of David Cates, similar somatic modalities for deactivating the nervous system and meeting the present moment, and upon request I offer vision-sessions supporting people in getting what they truly want in their lives.

From my longest client: “Anna, you have unique cuddles, caresses, touches, and squishes. I love everything you do! Even when I’m a little fatigued, you completely hold my attention and treat me like I am royalty. I am moved by the fact that you also love our cuddles. You make me feel so special. I experience so much joy when we talk and touch…you are so much more to me than just a cuddle partner…you are an intelligent friend…you are a comrade in the cosmic quest.”

Whether it’s with me, another Cuddlist, a friend, or a stranger, may you to get your love-tank filled and brimming.

Session information from Anna Joy

Response time: Cuddlist is my vocation, but is not currently my primary gig, so please know you are neither forgotten nor ignored if my response takes a bit longer.  My aim to get back to you as immediately as possible. I’ll follow up on the initial notification with a brief screening call (unless you request email contact first).

Location: sessions take place at my lovely studio in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle (98103).  You’ll get an email with the details once we’ve scheduled a time. When you arrive, we handle payment, sign the agreement, copy ID, turn phones/technology OFF, and get comfortable communicating about expectations, feelings, consent.  We can pick music and get cozy by taking a few breaths together and just cuddle. Or chat, read, watch funny youtube videos, play chess and cuddle…whatever!  Outcalls may be requested after an initial session.

Duration: 1-2 hours long usually makes for a great first session! Consider setting up a session a week for several weeks to let yourself go deeper.

FYI: Touch and energy exchanged are uncompromisingly platonic! Clothing stays on, and the mood is affectionate and nurturing rather than sexual or romantic. I’ll quickly and gently re-align the session as needed, without shame.  I welcome and feel deeply at ease with all types of people, including various genders, belief systems, and nationalities. Everybody needs snuggles’n’laughs!

Skills & Specialties

Upon Request:
Reiki Energy work (practitioner)
Belly2Belly Partnered Breathing Meditation (trained facilitator) Massage (trained amateur) Authentic Relating games (trained facilitator) Manifesting your Dreams (coach)


NO day-of bookings for new clients; rare day-of booking in general.
Happy to travel out of state (+ travel fees/expenses)!