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Session Rate: $80/hour

Highland Lakes, NJ

About BE

Taking time for yourself, Is the greatest act of self-love you can ever gift yourself.

Taking time to cuddle, connect and communicate with another human allows a deeper exploration of you and your desires.

As we mirror each other back and forth, feeling into what feels right and what doesn’t, expressing in a safe healthy way, we feel more bonded to ourselves and the world around us.

Session information from BE

My cuddle sessions are in a professional building in my office on daybed type couch facing a window. Which looks out to nature on a quiet mountain top.

By Waywayanda State Park. To add to the relaxing mood, I play Pandora and I’m always open to requests. There will be lots of pillows and blankets to snuggle and make a comfy nest.

Hygiene is key, please, if you are a smoker to refrain before hand would be appreciated. We begin with consensual communication agreement and let your preferences unfold as you need.

Skills & Specialties

Licensed Massage Therapist Yoga Instructor Shamanistic Energy and breath work Desire and Intimacy Coaching


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