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Cecelia Catalina Baez


Session Rate: $80/hour

Philadelphia, PA | Center City (Old City)

About Cecelia Baez

Cecelia is a healer, holistic health coach, and meditation practitioner. Her life purpose is to heal others in order for them to become the greatest version of themselves. She believes life is about being true to yourself and living the life that is deep in your heart. Cecelia is all about having a balanced life with relationships, career, health, and having a deep connection with self. She is currently on the road to becoming a licensed massage therapist, reiki master, holistic nutritionist, and physical fitness trainer. Cecelia practices the power of now and embraces the importance of radiating gratitude in order to create a joyful and successful life.

Session information from Cecelia Baez

For first time sessions we meet at a coffee shop down the street 15 minutes prior to the session to confirm that we are a good fit. My sessions are held in the open living room on a soft couch that has a therputic lay out. We will always start the session with agreements and trust factors. Followed by deep breathing to truly relax and connect with the NOW.

I encourage you to express yourself and your desires for the session.The more I know, the better I can serve you 🙂

Cancelation Policy:

Cancelations made 24 hours in advance will be understood and accepted. Cancellations made less than 24 hours will be politely asked to pay for the session. We are all busy adults and my time booked with you is special and valuable. Thank you for understanding. Happy Cuddles!

Skills & Specialties

Reiki w/ Crystals Holistic Health Coach Meditation Teacher


I try my best to be flexible :)
Best days are: Tues, Wednesday, Thursday.