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Cecelia Catalina Baez


Session Rate: $80/hour

Philadelphia, PA | Northeast (PennyPack)

About Cecelia Baez

Cecelia is a Holistic Health Coach. Her life purpose is to guide others into becoming the greatest version of themselves. She believes in thriving, not just surviving. Cecelia is all about having a balanced lifestyle with relationships, career, health, and having a deep connection with self. She is currently on the road to becoming a holistic health coach, fitness trainer, and mediation instructor. Cecelia practices the power of now and embraces the importance of radiating gratitude in order to create a joyful and successful life.

Session information from Cecelia Baez

The sessions are held in the warmth of my home. We will start the session with bonding, boundaries, and breathing. I have no actual structure for how we cuddle. It will be a unique flow of our energies combined.

I encourage you to express yourself and your desires for the session.The more I know, the better I can serve you 🙂

Cancelation Policy:

  • Must be within 24 hours
  • Please respect that our time Is Valuable
  • If I reschedule with you, I will give 50% off

Thank you for working with me. Happy Cuddles!

Skills & Specialties

Holistic Health Coach Meditation Instructor Fitness Training


Summer Time Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9am-8pm
Wednesday, Friday: 9am-2pm

Unavailable: Saturday and Sunday

~ Will Respond M-F, Between: 12pm-8pm ~