Cuddlist was launched in January 2016 to address touch deprivation in a safe, professional environment. We provide needed touch to clients in a safe, therapeutic environment. What has surpassed our expectations is the brilliance of the people we have attracted into our training program. We have had hundreds of people go through our training program  Continue Reading »
Cuddlist was launched in January 2016 to address touch deprivation in a safe, professional environment. We provide needed touch to clients in a safe, therapeutic environment. What has surpassed our expectations is the brilliance of the people we have attracted into our training program. We have had hundreds of people go through our training program  Continue Reading »
I can't believe I am sharing an article from The NY Post but this speaks to what my core belief is: "Cuddling/Platonic Touch has the power to drastically improve our well being."
I was just interviewed by Sterling who hosts a radio talk show on 700WLW | Cincinnati | iHeartRadio. Steling is a great interviewer. He was coming from a place of healthy skepticism and really wanted to drill down and understand what Professional Cuddling and specifically what Cuddlists approach is. If you have 10 min - please listen!
What constitutes cheating? One assumption to clear up is that people who come to see a Cuddlist are very committed to their partners. However, there are times when relationships become tense and difficult for whatever reason. We are not here to judge or to give advice. We are here to provide a safe place for you to experience touch and to break away from life's problems for just a little while.
Years ago, I was in a bad way. My relationship at the time left me feeling lonely in a room full of people. You always hear about single people wanting to be with someone. Some people, being with them doesn’t fill that void you felt when you were single.
Beautifully written and informative: Reads almost like poetry, yet scholarly and thoughtfully researched. For Cuddlist to discussed in this piece validates everything we stand for: Which is creating a legitimate healing modally that has the power to significantly enhance lives.   Continue Reading »
In this episode of Cuddlist Talks with Janet Trevino we explore what it really takes to be a Cuddlist. These qualities are essential to your success as a Professional Cuddler and your success at understanding your own strengths and weaknesses that you might need to improve on. Here we break this down with four essential qualities as well as bonus qualities at the end. Enjoy!
When thinking of the New Year we often are faced with New Year’s Resolutions … to make them or not to make them, that is the question. More often than not, there are the tried and true resolutions we fall back on; start a diet; read more; go back to school; write that novel; etc. When jotting down your resolutions, do you pause to consider  Continue Reading »
Interesting but I would like to add another point here. Professional cuddlers ( are trained and certified to to be active/compassionate listeners and 100% present for their client and keep strong boundaries..   Continue Reading »
Attending a cuddle party was one of my fear-conquering New Year’s resolutions for 2016. My other resolutions — I had a long list — included speed dating and taking a hike with a mountaineering club. I never got around to speed dating or hiking,   Continue Reading »
In this episode of Cuddlist Talks with Janet Trevino, we goes over the 5 essential cuddling hacks to make you a better person. These tips will allow you to over time, develop a more physical and intimate experience with and gain a better sense of who you are.   Continue Reading »
In this episode of Cuddlist Talk with Janet Trevino, Janet explored how experiencing Professional Cuddling can make you a much better date. The dating world is extremely tough and sometimes we all wished we knew how to navigate through all of the signals, the pressures, and how to compose ourselves through all of it.   Continue Reading »’s Professional Cuddler Keeley sits down with the hosts of the Weekend Superheros podcast to discuss the ever growing movement of Professional Cuddling and what drew her to the profession in the first place.   Continue Reading »'s Professional Cuddler Keeley sits down with Dr. Shoup to discuss her love for Professional Cuddling why this new alternative therapy is something to watch out for.
In this episode of Cuddlist Talks, Janet explores the topic of rediscovering touch through platonic intimacy. Why we turn touch off in the first place and how we turn it back on through the 5 truths about touch.   Continue Reading »
In the first episode of the Facebook Live show Cuddlist Talk we feature Professional Cuddlist Janet Trevino. Janet explains the 3 ways in which we can improve ourselves and the relationships we have with others through the service of Professional Cuddling.   Continue Reading »
It is no secret that a pat on the back, a peck on the cheek or an embrace with another person can make us feel good. But experts now claim that a touch can do more than comfort – touch can heal!   Continue Reading »
One of the reasons for this paradigm shift is the long-range vision of Cuddlist— a Professional Cuddling service founded by Adam Lippin and Madelon Guinazzo. Before Cuddlist, the Professional Cuddling industry   Continue Reading » defines intimacy as, “a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group.” Well, intimacy and consensual touch can   Continue Reading »
The value of physical touch and how it makes us happier. We have probably all heard all of the phrases above. They are examples of asking for physical touch to feel better. Even the innocent phrase of a child ‘kiss it and make it better’ reflects how physical contact can   Continue Reading »
In geometry class they taught us, “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” That made sense to me then, and it makes even more sense now. A straight line is the most direct   Continue Reading »
Cuddling, snuggling, embrace…there are so many ways to articulate how we can embrace another. It is something that is done in families, amongst friends and even between romantic partners to express a variety of things from comfort, to support and even a way to tick someone off (I’m sure there are some siblings who can relate to a fierce “hug”).
From the moment I discovered the power of touch decades ago, it remains on the top of my 'self-care' list and something I have chosen, that I will not do without.For me, cuddling, hugging and touch are like air; without them, I wouldn't survive. Not very well, anyway. Limiting myself to share only nine reasons for my love of cuddling is going to be difficult and I'll confess that I considered adding a few more … sneaking them in amongst the nine reasons. What harm could come from doing that?
When I heard about cuddling as a profession I was intrigued. I’ve always enjoyed showing affection through touch. So when I heard that I could translate that natural inclination into work that I could share with people, I jumped in enthusiastically and became a professional cuddler.
Cuddlist Co-Founder was recently featured on the Blog OUTSpoken. ADAM LIPPIN is an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder/CEO of as well as “Cuddlist Training Academy. At Cuddlist, his Mission is to offer a safe way to engage the healing power of intimate non-sexual touch in a touch isolated society. Adam has been featured
We recently had an interview on the Matt Bubala Show on WGN Radio Chicago. Matt is smart/insightful and respectful and we had a great conversation. We get to the core of why Professional Cuddling is so valuable and the unique and powerful training program that our Co-Founder & Director of Training, Madeline Guinazzo has created
We have been in the media a lot over the past few days – so much that our website crashed a few times because of the surge in volume. We literally have had over 60 articles written in over 20 countries!!! We are so grateful to be able to have a platform to discuss the
The Washington Post on April 26th published an article titled, “What Professional Cuddlers Can Teach Us about Touch.” which you can find if you click here. In response, we can honestly say that we were impressed with how the writer seemed to truly understand the importance of touch in people’s lives. The writer interviewed
Host Timbo Reid interviews Cuddlist Co-Founder & CEO Adam Lippin who says that we, as a culture are “sex obsessed but touch deprived”. So what’s he doing about it? They will delve into the process in which Adam uses with his ideas, starting with fleshing them out, a great hack to research their viability and
Psychologists are now saying cuddling is so important, It May Be Worth Paying For.In fact, cuddling is now a professional form of therapy that reduces tension and anxiety and relieves stress and pain by boosting Oxytocin (Read more about Oxytocin inThe Babble and reducing Cortisol. Yes, you can hire certified cuddle practitioners called “Cuddlists,” who are trained in non-sexual, therapeutic touch (and communicating consent, in case you were wondering).