Amanda Phoenix Dandelion

Seattle, WA
My intuitive, nurturing nature is one of my greatest strengths and I am so excited to bring that to cuddling. I am also thrilled to be able to share my capacity for deep empathy, compassion, and listening.
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Earth Angel Satori

Austin, TX
Earth Angel Satori LOVES creating Heaven on Earth! She's fully in support of connection, intimacy, and the healing that takes place in that space. She has an extensive background in the healing arts as a reiki healer, gifted bodyworker, yoga teacher, and intimacy coach.
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Anna Joy

Fremont in Seattle, WA

I love finding out how deep into nourishing, sensation-al delight two people can go within the container of non-sexual intimacy. And, I just LOVE bodies.
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New York City
Touch that is safe is a basic human need. Without it we simply can't thrive physically, emotionally, or as social beings.
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Brooke Hatch

Seattle, WA | University District
Brooke is a passionate and kind hearted individual. She is an avid snuggling fan. She is extremely committed to being authentic, and creating a safe space for anyone she encounters to give themselves the gift of authenticity.
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Tempe, AZ
It's no secret, cuddling is good for you! Good for your body. Good for your mind. And good for your soul. Something magical happens when someone holds you and accepts you right as you are in that moment. I love cuddling!

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Queens, NYC
I have a background in Massage Therapy, along with a calming, nurturing, and compassionate nature. I have great communication and listening skills, which helps make sure your session is comfortable and relaxing.
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New York, NY | Manhattan
KP, is a native New Yorker. She understands and believes that exchanging energies through physical non-sexual touch can be both healing and rewarding.
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Bri Espindola

Dallas, Texas
I want to help people experience the power of non-sexual touch. I have seen/heard it change so many lives, my own included, and I feel that it is something that needs to be spread around.
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Boston, MA (Boston area, Lunenburg, Southern New Hampshire
It is my pleasure to invite you to explore non-sexual touch in a safe and nurturing space.
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Theresa Andrews

Martinez, CA | East Bay
My goal is to assist others in becoming more confident in themselves and finding their voice, declaring their boundaries while enjoying the touch of another without guilt or embarrassment.
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Seattle, WA | Wedgewood/Lake City area

Professional Cuddler since 2016, lifelong cuddle enthusiast!
Cuddling is a radical act of self-love. When we choose to nurture our bodies and feed our hearts through intentional touch, we challenge the notion that our bodies are bad or that our desires aren't valid. I offer warm intimate touch in a safe container of consent & body-positivity.
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West Longmont Colorado
My name is Julia. I was born and raised in Utah and I now reside in Colorado where I have a private practice as a Cuddlist. I have a masters degree in social work and I've had extensive training in mindfulness body based psychotherapy.
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Music Kat

Chicago, IL
Communication through healing touch always seemed like a natural language for me. I first envisioned myself offering this type of therapy at age 11, the same year I started playing guitar.
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Kat K

St Paul, MN | East Side
I have expertise in the areas of overcoming fear, radical self-love, emotional regulation, and integrating ones spiritual self with their physical, emotional and sensual selves.
Además, puedo comunicarme en español.
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Mary Sorensen

Salt Lake City, Utah
The most meaningful thing in the world is connection between people. There is nothing I like better than to look someone in the eye and have a real conversation.
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Michelle Renee

Kalamazoo, Michigan
Touch has given me a way to connect on a deeper level to others in a non-sexual way. Before this discovery, it felt as though something was always lacking in my life.
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Seattle, WA |
Rielle's calling in life is to use her touch to comfort, love and heal the people around her.
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Kat Camp

South Seattle, WA
As a professional bodyworker, Kat warmly welcomes clients of all shapes, sizes, genders, and sexualities to her practice. She offers her compassion, intuition, training, and touch to help her clients.
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Berkeley, CA
Come one, come all, sit for a spell and let's reconnect!
Compassionate touch is among the oldest and deepest natural magic that humans have shaped and been shaped by.
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Greenfield, MA
(Pronoun: She/Her)

I believe that cuddling invites us to return to rooted presence within our bodies. It gives space and time to breathe, to be, to feel.
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Seattle, WA - Fremont / Wallingford Area
I am empathetic, nurturing, playful, expressive, and down-to-earth. People generally feel comfortable and relaxed in my presence. Given my own happiness is strongly dependent upon the happiness of others, I put forth tremendous effort into ensuring those around me are bubbling over with bliss and positive energy!
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West Village |Philadelphia PA
I believe through positive supportive touch we can thrive! To receive the best out of your supportive experience please arrive 15 minutes early to discuss your background and needs.
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New York, NY
I believe touch is a vital part of the human experience—one that can catalyze growth, healing, and transformation. Closeness and connection can help us foster self-awareness, relieve social anxieties, gain new insights and energy, and lead more joy-filled lives.
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New York City, NY
Hello, I'm Saskia, and I've spent my life in nurturing professions. First as a school psychologist working with children, then as a massage therapist working with people of all ages...
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Highland Lakes, NJ
Taking time for yourself, Is the greatest act of self-love you can ever gift yourself. Taking time to cuddle, connect and communicate with another human allows a deeper exploration of you...
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Hunterdon County, NJ / Lebanon and Clinton
Hello and welcome! I'm excited to be part of what I truly believe will be something special ... a movement towards restoring and nurturing the acceptance of non-sexual touch...
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Carlsbad, CA | Directly off Hwy 5 and 78 intersection
Linda is positive minded, has a welcoming smile and is an encourager and up-lifter who has been on an adventurous journey of self- development.
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Far West Suburbs, Chicago
I'm Alex! I'm a doula, community circle facilitator, and a positive touch enthusiast. The gift of touch is something too few of us experience.
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Cecelia Catalina Baez

Philadelphia, PA | Northeast (PennyPack)
Cecelia is a healer, holistic health coach, and meditation practitioner. Her life purpose is to heal others in order for them to become the greatest version of themselves.
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Los Angeles, CA (Echo Park)
I am an artist and writer who thinks a lot about my love for people, and how important touch is.
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Manhattan, NY
Jenna is an aspiring psychologist who is very interested in human closeness. The healing power of feeling support and kindness from another human being is unparalleled.
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Janet Trevino

San Antonio, TX
Janet will surprise you. She is full of heart and life, deeply caring about your experience!
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Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia
A HUG a day keeps the doctor away....Though often not, emotional and physical connectedness really should be an integral part of each of our lives.
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Monique Darling, workshop facilitator extraordinaire has led over 800 workshops in the past 5 years. She is the founder of Juicy Enlightenment an organization dedicated to empowering people...
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Chicago, IL
Madelon’s life mission is to discover, practice and share continually more effective ways of putting love into action. She is dedicated to the inalienable right to express love in the way we choose...deciding what to choose and being dedicated to choosing is the trick!
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Rogers Park | Chicago IL
Cuddling is a meaningful healthy way to feel connected, respected, loved, and valued. I would love to share that experience with you! <3
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Las Vegas, NV
I am a very intuitive healer, who understands the importance of touch, nurturing and connection. I am here to create a safe space for you to relax and be nurtured in a peaceful and accepting environment through consensual non-sexual touch. I am a great listener and I have been told I have a very calming presence.
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Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia
My name is Desirée N. Robinson and my mission is to create a world of celebration & understanding for ALL people! I focus on facilitating positive change for individuals...
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San Diego, CA : Orange County, CA : Los Angeles, CA
Hello, My name is Julie and I am a natural-born cuddler! I love hugging people and then feeling them just relaxing into me! I'm passionate about providing a safe, loving space where people can just be themselves.
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St Paul, MN | Midway Neighborhood near Hamline University
If there is just one thing you need to know about Shandai (Shan-DAY), it is how loving and accepting she is of ALL people. Her favorite thing about humanity is all the wonderful unique qualities that can be found in each and every person. She truly believes that the world of people has a colorful spectrum and everyone on it is worthy of nurturing platonic touch - no matter who they love, how they identify, color of their skin, or belief system.
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Multiple locations: London, NYC, Northern NJ, Orlando FL
Dieniz is dedicated to helping her clients connect to their power and truth through multiple services including cuddling.
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San Antonio, TX
I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. Student, mother, entrepreneur. I believe that people are people. We are not defined by our mistakes and we all have the ability to do better & be better.
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SE Metro Phoenix area
Cuddling is the best thing I have found to get me out of my head and into my body! It is the release of oxytocin, the “cuddling hormone”, that does the trick.
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Sarah B

Cleveland, OH (Shaker Square)
I believe deeply in the primal power of touch to connect and heal. We all need touch, cuddling and affection in many different forms in our daily lives.
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New York City, NY : Queens
I always knew I loved cuddling but I had no idea that consensual, non-sexual cuddling would bring so much to my life! Self-Awareness, Stress Release, Intimacy, Companionship, Connection, Energy, Inspiration, Support, Nourishment, Deep Relaxation and Comfort.
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Indigo Dawn

Arlington, VA
I am a cuddly truth-seeker with a passion for deep connection and movement. I am here to help you feed your personal flame… and keep it alight.
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Would you like to be held and welcomed just as you are? I'd like a chance to do that.

I love to cuddle. I love to let you know what feels good to me and hear what feels good to you. Even more, I like to help you expand your "touch tool box" and learn more about the pleasure that's available to you. Touch is a human need. Pleasure is healing. Cuddling is a wonderful way to be nurtured, to share connection, and to enjoy being in your own skin. I invite you to reach out, let me know a bit more about you, and create a cuddle!

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Shanna Marie

Manhattan, NYC
Hi, I am Shanna Marie. I'm a Natural Wellness Guide and I work with several holistic modalities like AromaTouch Therapy with Essential Oils, Energy Balancing with Crystals, and Intuitive Healing...
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New Haven, CT | Experience Ananda's in New Haven, CT
Judy's goal in life is to grow and evolve one step at a time.
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Anastasia Allington

Austin, TX | Hyde Park
Anastasia has been cuddling Austinites since 2013. Her intention with all of her cuddle clients is to create a space that encourages each one to relax and feel comfortable.
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Guelph, Ontario
Welcome! Join me in experiencing being showered with non-sexual affection and touch.
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Suzy V

San Francisco, CA
Welcome to my cuddle space, where a world of comforting pleasure awaits you! Experience the benefits of respectful, affectionate and non-sexual physical touch without judgment or expectation, opening undreamed-of avenues into your true self.
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Mary H

Boston, MA (Somerville, Providence, Southern New Hampshire)
I am an unabashed seeker of new and challenging experiences, who makes calculated, analytical, decisions look like whimsical free spirited off-the-cuff play.
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West Los Angeles / Santa Monica
Hi, I'm Fei! I already love you unconditionally. Sometimes we just need a hug or a shoulder to cry on. It is my honor to hold space - and to hold you.
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Brooklyn, NY
My passion is people and creating a safe space for genuine connection. With over 5 years training in yoga, meditation, reiki and bodywork, healing through touch is a powerful skill I resonate with and love to share with others.
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Amanda Anatra

New Haven, CT
Amanda is a radiant inspirational speaker, alternative healer and self bliss guru. She encourages people to live a blissful existence in our intense world by taking care of self FIRST.
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New York, NY
I am a firm believer in Self Care being the Best Care. Being aware of your needs and wants is the first step. The second would be to honor them. What better way to do that than with Cuddles.
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Jacksonville, FL | Baymeadows Area
Hi, I’m Deb and I’m looking forward to sharing a unique, exciting and empowering experience with you! Cuddling and platonic touch is a wonderful alternative approach to self-care for your well-being.
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