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Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Portland, OR

About Daniella

Touch is primal to our existence. Snuggling up to a warm body can be incredibly healing and sometimes when we are experiencing a break up, a loss, are going through a divorce, a traumatic experience, or just undulating through the normal ups and downs of life, all we want is to be held. If you are trying to reintegrate touch into your life in a safe setting, feeling lonely, needing help getting to sleep, or just not getting enough touch on a regular basis, you don’t need to feel alone. I offer cuddle sessions from 1 to 2 hours. Please have comfort in knowing our cuddle therapy sessions are 100% confidential and respect for your safety and boundaries are of utmost importance. It’s my goal to let you know that you matter and you are loved without the guilt, shame and judgement our culture can sometimes bring us when we try to reach out physically.

Authentic and present human connection is something I value, and I want to hear how I can help provide this for you.

Session information from Daniella

For cuddle sessions in my space:
When we meet for a cuddle session for the first time, we will chat about your touch history and what’s important to you in a cuddle session. We will also go over boundaries, answer any questions you have, and segue into a form of platonic touch that feels comfortable and safe to you. I require a 90 minute session for our first visit so we also have ample cuddle time. My space is filled with pillows, blankets and provides a restful ambiance. I have stairs in my location and am not handicap accessible.

For home sessions:
I’m happy to travel to your home if you are in Portland, or within 15 minutes of Portland. If you are a new client, we will first meet at a cafe in Portland so we can get to know each other. Here you are welcome to ask any questions about our session and you also have the freedom to decide that the session is not for you. After this then you can book your first cuddle session. The cuddling happens in the comfort of your own safe environment, such as your home, hospital, aged care facility, or park of choice, so you can receive the warmth and company you need in your own familiar setting. I charge $40 for travel time in addition to the cuddle session fee.

****A waiver is required for all first time clients and will be emailed to you before our first session. Please sign and return it to me before we meet for cuddling.


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