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Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia

About Dawson

I am, in my core, a loving being. I spend each and every day spreading and sharing as much love and joy as possible. And I want to share with you too! I like knowing each person’s truth; how they experience their reality and their feelings. This curiosity has led me to my current school studies in Psychology to pursue a counseling career; I wish to work with LGBTQ+ youth  to provide the support that I see as being badly needed. My curiosity has also led me to any and many opportunities I may have to hold space for and listen to a fellow human. My life goal is to spread joy and love in a variety of open, authentic, and safe spaces. I invite you to be part of my mission and join me in feeling authentically and sharing openly in a safe space we will create together.

Session information from Dawson

I can and will provide relaxing tunes (requests welcome). Every session will look and feel differently, but there are a few core things that we will experience every time.

Authenticity: Look inside yourself and know what you truly feel and want and share that with no judgment or expectations.
Transparency: Openly feeling each emotion as it comes and being fully seen and heard.
Play! Explore and touch within a safe set of boundaries for both of us.
Sureness: That we are sharing in a space where we can both be true, free of judgment and full of love.

I have In-Call spaces available in Arlington, VA. Mount Storm, WV. and Cumberland, MD. I can do out-calls in those and the surrounding areas.  After I receive your request I will email you with my own personal intake form, we can then discuss any questions you may have, and finally we will figure out an appointment time and place.

Please Note:
-That I am a student and my current school schedule makes me unavailable on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the late evening.
-The Cumberland space is a home and has a dog, she will be kept separate from the space we use.

Skills & Specialties

Facial Massage Eye gazing Song Empathy


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