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Session Rate: $80/hr

SE Metro Phoenix area

About Diana

Cuddling is the best thing I have found to get me out of my head and into my body! It is the release of oxytocin, the “cuddling hormone”, that does the trick. Cuddling, or even just hugging, releases oxytocin, which has become known as “the love hormone” as it brings forth feelings of trust, security, connection, calmness, and contentment. Touch is a basic human need, and yet in our society there are so many taboos and phobias that many people don’t get their touch needs met adequately, or there is a confusing co-mingling of cuddling with sex. Many women report that often they have had sex when really what they wanted was to cuddle, and sex seemed like the way to get a cuddle.

Why not just Cuddle then? That is what the Cuddle movement is all about! It is a movement toward the acceptance of non-sexual touch as being healthy, beneficial, safe, nurturing, nourishing, normal, and available! The idea is—-we all need touch, so let’s set up a safe container where we can have safe, non-sexual touch, with guidelines and agreements that ensure that everything is consensus-based, that boundaries are honored, so we can feel safe and thus relax and actually reap the benefits of touch! And the benefits are many. There is scientific documentation of the connection between a lack of touch, with depression, anxiety, various health issues, and difficulty connecting with others.

In infants, a lack of touch will create a “failure to thrive.” Cuddling alters our biochemistry, for example by producing oxytocin, which creates a sense of connection, belonging, safety, trust, contentment. I have always been a down-to earth physical person, including being physically affectionate. My favorite meditation modalities have been physical movement meditation like Tai Chi and Ecstatic Dance. At the same time, I am a math tutor, very analytical, and can get stuck in my head; so my life has included an ongoing quest to explore ways to get grounded in my body and balance body, mind, heart, and spirit. When I heard about cuddle parties several years ago, my response was “that’s for me !” and I dove right in. I LOVE cuddling! And in all honesty, I am finding that CUDDLING is doing a better job of getting me out of my head, than anything I previously did for that purpose!

Having attended cuddle parties as often as possible for these several years, for my own benefit, I then reached a place where I wanted to be able to offer cuddling to others—not just inviting them to cuddle parties, but actually offering sessions. So I joined Cuddlist.

Session information from Diana

My cuddle nest is in a private residence in a quiet area, with no cats or dogs in the house. The nest, consisting of a futon and numerous pillows and several comforters on the floor of a carpeted room, is designed to be a cozy and inviting sanctuary. A couch in the living room is an alternative, either if you have physical issues limiting your ability to get down on the floor or get up again; or for any other reason.

I like an environment that immerses us in all the senses, so we will have music unless you prefer silence; a variety of textures (including satin and velour on some of the pillows and comforters); some fruit or chocolate for taste treats if they are compatible with your food requirements/preferences; we can use aromatherapy for scent if you wish; and for the visual, a variety of lighting options including small table lamps, candles and/or a salt lamp.

I am located in the metro Phoenix area, where Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler meet up—near Dobson and Elliott, just east of the 101 and south of the 60. Street parking is easy in my neighborhood. There is a bus route that runs north and south on Dobson, and your walk would be about four blocks.
My availability for sessions is weekends, and some weekday afternoons or early evenings. At this time the best weekdays for me are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, but other days are a possibility.
Out-calls will be available for those who don’t have access to transportation and/or have issues with leaving their home. Travel time rates apply, at half the cuddle session rates. (Cuddle session $80/hr, travel $40/hr) (from Dobson & Elliot to your location, and back). If there is more than one person at your location, and you schedule sessions back to back, you can split the travel time so it costs each person less.

Skills & Specialties

Access Consciousness bars facilitator & body process facilitator EMF Balancing Technique certified practitioner
Acupressure practitioner (trained but not certified)
Tai Chi instructor—basic form and push-hands practice
I dance---Ecstatic Dance belly dance Contact Improvisation
I have taught yoga and can share yoga-pilates-stretchy-fitness information I am a wealth of health wellness nutrition information Transformational hugger and cuddler!
Experienced Cuddle Party participant!
Open --- People of all genders sexual orientations relationship styles welcome


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