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Session Rate: $80/hour

Austin, TX

About Eleanor

When I was first cuddled by a professional cuddler, I found myself physically melting. My mind quieted as I relaxed into the moment of being held by a caring professional who was there just for me. I felt like I could talk about anything.  I relished that undivided attention.

There are many common outcomes of regular cuddling, including physiological changes such as a decrease in the stress hormone, cortisol, and a boost in the “cuddle” hormone, oxytocin.  Among other things, oxytocin increases trust, empathy, altruism, social skills, happiness and well being, according to resent research. Regular cuddling can a be life changing experience!

In my session, I follow your lead, within our professional boundaries. Hand holding may be where you want to start, or you may be ready to move directly into hugging and cuddling.  If you aren’t certain, I’ll support you in finding a great starting point for you. I want you always to feel comfortable.


Session information from Eleanor

I look forward to briefly visiting with you before our time together. After I get your request for a session, I will email  you to set up a time to talk on the phone or skype. We will briefly go over the code of conduct, talk about what you would like to get out of  cuddling and determine time and place.

Fee: $80 per hour.  Travel fees may be incurred.
Fees may be paid in advance on PayPal or use credit card/cash, at the end of the session.

Please wear clean comfy clothes.

All my best to you in your future cuddling experiences! I wish you welI and I always look forward to cuddling!


Skills & Specialties

Registered nurse Licensed social worker Parent educator Clinical nurse educator.


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