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Session Rate: $80/hour

Oakland, CA

About Eleza

The feeling being held by someone who is really seeing you, someone totally attuned to your body, your breathing, your every word

The feeling of taking a warm bath in oxytocin, releasing tension, letting go of fear and anxiety, becoming free of expectations, surrendering to deep euphoric calm

The feeling of giving yourself the gift of getting what you need, outside of relationships, inside your own body

The feeling of having your needs met by someone you can count on to provide unconditionally loving, nurturing touch that ripples throughout your physical and emotional life

This is how we can feel cuddling together

I am a dancer and writer and have dedicated my life to developing the fluidity and depth of my physical expression through the movement practices

of Ecstatic Dance, 5Rhythms, Contact Improv, Reflexology, Art Therapy and Cuddling.

I am here to be a rock, a ray of warmth, and someone you can trust to spoon and nuzzle your way to a safe and healthy connectedness that you can rely on amid the unpredictability of life

Session information from Eleza

I invite you to have our session in my Natural Wonders Bungalow, where we can begin sitting together on floor mats or my transforming shape couch and connect and communicate surrounded by shells and butterflies and plants and stones. We will begin by creating our comfortable consensual agreement, drawing the boundaries within which we can move fluidly and freely. Above all, our space will be a place free from shame and abundant in love, acceptance and connection. We will customize our time together around the needs of your embodied heart, and I will listen, hold, and care for you with tenderness, warmth and the readiness to play. My house is accessible by public transit and there is free street parking around me. I accept payment in cash or by Paypal.

Skills & Specialties

Ecstatic Dance 5Rhythms Contact Improv Reflexology Art Therapy and Creative Grief Therapy


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