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Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Female|Seattle, WA | Wedgewood/Lake City area

About Jazz

I have been a cuddle enthusiast my whole life! Like some of you out there, I have always been the friend who gives great hugs and whom people naturally gravitate towards for yummy, friendly intimacy. I was first introduced to professional cuddling in 2006, when I met Reid Mihalko & Marcia Baczynski. It was through friendship with them, that I came to love cuddle parties for the way in which they offer a space for an intentional practice of creating boundaries and learning the power of asking for what you want. I’ve gone on to be an educator and taught workshops on body positivity and relationship building skills for three years. The healing power of consensual touch is huge. I am stoked that through Cuddlist, we can make the space to bring more touch into your life.

I am a musical theater and movie geek from my years of studying acting and music. In addition to holding our sessions as a safe space for deep feels like tears and such, our sessions will be a place to explore and revel in your inner silly! I can be that buddy who sings along Disney tunes with you. Not quite the singing type? Worry not. I am happy to meet you where ever you are at, and each session will be a unique co-creation between the two of us!

Session information from Jazz

You can expect a reply from your initial inquiry within 24 hours (extenuating circumstances notwithstanding like travel). In that email, you will find a waiver, and a brief questionnaire. Then either over skype/phone or coffee, we can have a 10-15 minute conversation to see if we are a good cuddly fit!

I am located in Seattle (Wedgewood/Lake City area, 98115) Our sessions start off with payment ( I accept Paypal & Cash). Then we go over the waiver, talk through any of your concerns from the questionnaire and establish the basics for mutual consent during our session together. As an aforementioned music geek, you can expect a variety of soothing, relaxing tunes to help us dive into connection, if you have special requests do speak up, Spotify is a glorious enabler of your musical desires! I have a cat allergy, so please lemme know if you have feline friends, so I can take an allergy pill in advance. I am happy to be scent free, but also LOVE essential oils and incense which I can make use of during our sessions, let me know what works best for you. I do in-calls & out-calls, but charge a travel fee for outcalls. I cannot currently do any cuddles outside of Seattle proper. My travel fee is half my hourly rate in either direction for any travel time that exceeds 15 minutes. Exact location of my workspace will come after booking our first session.

I’m sure that you will read Cuddlist’s code of conduct, but it bears repeating that all Cuddle sessions are non-sexual. This is the space to revel in touch with no expectation of more. We will both be fully clothed the whole time. If I sense any movement away from the agreements of non-sexual touch, I will gently guide us back to alignment with our intentions. My goal is for you to leave feeling the warm glow of focused love & rapt attention. As a non-binary gendered mixed-race person of color, I am especially adept at holding cuddle space for those who are queer identified and brown. I welcome all genders, identities, orientations and cultural backgrounds. Let’s get snuggly! <3

Skills & Specialties

I have experience working with tantric energy a la Barbara Carrellas Professional Training Program (2014). I completed the Landmark Forum Education (2011). The Landmark Forum is a powerful personal development & leadership program that influenced by an array of traditions both esoteric and psychological in origin. This program helped free me from the anxiety and fear that used to dominate my social interactions and left me with a strong sense of independence & freedom to choose. Consent can’t happen without the ability to cultivate confidence and clarity as we make choices. My acting training left me with the joy of being in the moment and knowing how to create shared experiences of trust and intimacy. I have my own practice of yoga meditation & body awareness that span almost a decade. I believe that we all need touch in our lives and am honored at the chance to bring my experience to to you!


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