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Session Rate: $80/hr

New Haven, CT | Experience Ananda's in New Haven, CT

About Judy

Judy’s goal in life is to grow and evolve one step at a time. She is currently striving to improve herself by continuing her studies while working as a certified nurse’s assistant and singing on the weekend. Judy is a practicing Buddhist who recently received her Bachelor of the Arts with a concentration in Music Performance and a minor in Business Administration. Right now, she is working on expanding a greater outlook on the world through positive, consensual, touch.

Session information from Judy

I conduct my sessions at Experience Ananda’s in New Haven, Connecticut. I like to start by offering water or tea to clients and discussing communication, consent, and what to expect from a cuddling session. (This is the part where we sit down on comfy blankets) Then I encourage my clients to talk about what they would like to get out of this session, specifically what they would like to leave feeling like by the end. Cuddling can open up many emotions and spark growth and a deeper understanding of oneself. 🙂 Parking is available in the lot directly outside the building.

Skills & Specialties

Nurse's Assistant Professional Cantor (Singer)


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