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Session Rate: $100/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Los Angeles, CA

About Juliet

Juliet enjoys connecting with others through the healing power of music, art and cuddles. She likes to think of her life as an art project in progress.

Her dream is to share as much of her work as possible to affect positive change in the world. She feels that the individual is the smallest yet most important minority of all societies and that opening the heart of one individual through touch and attention, has the power to spark resolution, creativity and evolution for us all.

She is a musician, writer and graphic artist as well as a professional Cuddlist. She sees all of these as ways to connect and communicate intimacy and meaning between individuals and she tries to bring this philosophy into her work with those she cuddles. She believes that mindful, comforting touch and absolute presence between individuals can save the world.

Session information from Juliet

Cuddle sessions options include a cozy couch or a bed with pillows. Also available are soothing music (chill-out, lounge, nu-jazz or classical) usually on Pandora and scented candles. First, we discuss and agree on consensual boundaries and goals for the Cuddle session. We begin the session after we both feel safe, relaxed and comfortable with established clear communication. We allow for creativity and exploration during the session, always respecting boundaries and the option of an individual to change his or her mind about the kind of touch that feels right. Feel free to engage in conversation as much or as little as you desire. My place is designed to be welcoming, soothing, encouraging and nurturing in touch and attitude.

I live with three Siamese cats who are curious yet respectful. They continue to teach me all they know about cuddling.

Skills & Specialties

Personal fitness coaching


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