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Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

New York City, NY

About Kan

Hello! My name is Kan, I’m 29 years old, born and raised in Nebraska and now living in New York for about two years. I went to school for creative writing and art, but after helping two dear friends battle cancer over the last three years, my interests have shifted to alternative and holistic health. I have always been a very touchy-feely, close-contact kind of person, preferring one-on-one intimate connections to groups or party settings. The thing I still look forward to most on visits home is the times spent cuddling with my mom on the couch. I still have vivid childhood memories of my Grandma gently tickling my back with the tip of her long fingernails while she watched her soap operas. I know how lasting and powerful these connections are, how mystically soothing and healing touch can be. And now I truly consider it a life mission to share that gift with others.

After a trip to Thailand, I became fascinated with the power and efficiency of Thai style massage, and have since completed a Thai bodywork certification program in Chicago. In addition to my freelance writing and art endeavors, I also do Thai bodywork here in NYC. Through that experience, I have encountered many people who don’t necessarily want or need deep tissue pressure or gymnastic stretching. Really, they just need to be touched! So many of us just crave attentiveness, care, tenderness, and all the profound transformations these things can have on mood, health and wellbeing. That is why I am so excited about Cuddlist, an opportunity to provide compassionate, affectionate care in its most essential form, loving touch. I’m looking forward to connecting, sharing, listening, breathing, being present and creating a warm, safe space of stillness for us to escape this bustling madhouse. I have made my apartment a sanctuary of quiet and purity, a hospital grade air purifier thrumming quietly, a massive indoor garden filling the space with clean oxygen, ultra-filtered water, gentle lighting, cozy places to sit and rest. I’m also happy to travel to your location, whatever is most comfortable for you.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule a time to get together. Until we meet, Be well!:)

Session information from Kan

I live alone so I am happy to host in-call sessions at my home, where we will have the option of lounging on my sofa or for a little more space we can enjoy the double padded Thai mat. I encourage an ongoing conversation throughout the session to identify and speak openly about wants and needs and above all comfort level. I promise always to be open and honest about how I am feeling too, so you never have to worry that I am tolerating or doing something I don’t feel comfortable with. I love this kind of connection, and it brings me a lot of joy to help others feel connected too.

Skills & Specialties

Thai Massage Accupressure Trigger Point Therapy Foot Reflexology Holistic / Nutritional Counseling


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