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Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls


About Kassandra

Playful. Serious. Insightful. Curious. Lover of life. Student of touch.

I want to help you come home to yourself. To really inhabit your own body knowing you can be with whatever arises – high highs and low lows, pleasure, anger, ecstasy, desire, sadness, depression, and vibrant inspiration – and still be a “you” that you like, respect, and trust. Although many of us immediately think about sex when we think about touch and intimacy, cuddling is a great way to get our deeply human needs for touch met in a way that is clearly not sex. This can be confusing. If you’ve been equating touch with sex for most of your life, it can seem radical or weird to cuddle without sex. Yet cuddling can be deeply fulfilling all on it’s own, an end of itself, with no nudity, or making out, required (or even allowed).

Yup, it can be. It is. Let’s do it together!

Most if not all people carry wounds and shame around touch and sex. Our culture leaves no one unscathed from messages about what you should and should not be, how you should look, how you should act, and what you should feel. No one really fits the images from Disney, porn, family, religion, or Hollywood that tell us what touch, connection, pleasure, and belonging should be. No one.

You are not weird. You are not broken. You are not alone. Cuddling helps you know this in your body, deeply, inarguably. Let’s connect and cuddle.

Session information from Kassandra

Sessions happen on a comfy couch or padded mat on the floor. The room is simple, bright, and private. The cat can join us or be in another room. I often play Norah Jones or Deva Premal on Pandora. You’re always welcome to bring your own music.

We’ll start each session by creating clear boundaries and safety, making sure we’re both clear on what you want out of our time together. I love Nonviolent Communication, Inner Empathy, and The Wheel of Consent. We can talk or be silent. We can play, rolling around like kittens. We can be still, holding each other like a mother and child. We can be adventurous, exploring in your edgy learning zone steering clear of lazy complacency or overwhelm. We can do all of this or none of it. Each session is completely about you.

Car parking is easy and free. I’m close to bike paths and a 5 minute walk from the 208 bus stop at Airport and Valmont Roads.

Skills & Specialties

Parenting coach at parentcoaching.org Vulnerability and empowerment coach at yearofjoys.com Sexological bodyworker Reflexology and light massage background


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