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About Kassandra

Cuddling with Kassandra is a proactive, therapeutic approach to relieving chronic pain and stress. Combining safe, consensual touch with holistic, life-coaching talk, you’ll experience a new therapeutic modality that is both pleasurable and effective.

When Cuddling your body relaxes signaling your brain that you are safe, relieving stress, and making you happier. Pleasure travels faster through your nerves than pain meaning that the pleasure of being stroked and held can directly reduce pain.

Being listened to with compassion and curiosity for every aspect of you allows you to feel known like you’ve never felt known before and relieves your fear of the unknown within you. Thus begins a positive cycle where you experience reduced stress, reduced pain, increased contentment, and increased empowerment. ClickRequest a Session to get started.

Our Cuddling reduces stress and tension, helping you feel safe enough to stop fighting the pain and stress and start to work with your mind and body to integrate all of your experiences into a coherent narrative of your life. The energy this frees up is amazing!

I’ll invite you to notice what’s happening in your mind, body, and emotions. I’ll invite you to go as deep as you want and no deeper. I trust you and allow all of you, even the scared and angry parts, to have a gentle welcome. In this way you meet, hear, and integrate each experience.

You will experience results like sleeping better, feeling more optimistic, trusting yourself and others, setting better boundaries, and having less drama in your relationships or your money back. Yes, that’s right. I offer a money back guarantee. Ask me about it when we talk.

“I feel stronger and more alive after our session. I want more of this.” From G, a male client in his 50s in daily pain 11 months after an automobile accident and surgery.

Cuddling up to someone is similar to sleeping together and to sexual connection in that they are all moments of closeness to another body. Many of relationships great joys happen in states of passive surrender. Ideally you’re able to experience this closeness as pleasurable and feel surrender and trust.  But if you have are in chronic pain, relaxing with another can be incredibly uncomfortable. What if instead of relaxed and safe you feel panic and avoidance? This is totally reasonable but can trap you in a downward spiral of loneliness and lack of connection.

Cuddling with Kassandra is a way to break that negative spiral and learn the skills you need to connect safely with others.

Our Cuddling sessions allow you a safe place to be held, be close, surrender, and let go while still being at absolute choice. One of our key agreements is that either one of us will speak up if at any time we are uncomfortable. It’s not only OK to ask for what you want and tell me what you don’t want, it’s a promise wae make to each other.

I invite you to reach out, let me know a bit more about you, and begin to enjoy your body again.

Cuddling decreases stress hormones and increases feel-good hormones. That means you get both short-term and long-term benefits for chronic pain and stress.

Short-term benefits include:

– increased relaxation and

– reduced pain.

Long-term benefits include:

– better sleep,

– more emotional stability,

– self-awareness and empowerment, and

– increased energy and reduced fatigue.

In the words of another delighted client, “I want you to know how much I enjoyed our physical time cuddling and talking! Though nothing compared to the absolute zero pain I felt during our session, I have had 60-70% less pain since. I enjoyed everything – your touch, talking, getting deep into identifying and asking for what I wanted. Thank you!” ~ from M, a woman in her 40s who’d been experiencing chronic shoulder and neck pain for about 2 years.

The touch I offer is consensual, non-sexual touch. Clothing stays on. We shut the door on sex and romance and open to the door to intimacy, sensuality, touch, cuddling, holding, pleasure, understanding, and compassion. I work with men, women, and non-binary people of all ages, abilities, and diagnoses.

In our time Cuddling and Coaching, we follow a Code of Conduct that includes:

– each of us agreeing not to do anything we are uncomfortable with at any time during our session (i.e. this is a time to practice enjoying touch you want rather enduring, tolerating, or putting up with touch you don’t want),

– you may end the session at any time for any reason (i.e. you are safe to leave and never trapped)

– our touch is non-sexual (i.e. no one is shamed or blamed for anything that arises yet we keep the focus on pleasurable, nurturing touch that is not intended to arouse).

Each session is completely about you.

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Session information from Kassandra

Once you Request a Session I’ll reach out to you to make a time to talk.  During our first conversation, we’ll get a feel for each other, answer any questions, and make sure we’re not strangers when we meet face-to-face.

We’ll start each session by creating clear boundaries for safety and empowerment, making sure we’re both clear on what you want out of our time together.

Cuddles happen on a comfy day bed or on a memory foam mattress topper on the floor. The room is simple and private. Lighting can be bright or dim as you choose.

I often play Norah Jones or Deva Premal on Pandora. You’re always welcome to bring your own music or make requests.

Car parking is easy and free. I’m close to bike paths and a 5 minute walk from the 208 bus stop at Airport and Valmont Roads in Boulder.

I have 6 steps leading up to my door. If mobility or accessibility is an issue I can come to you and waive my usual travel charges. Please let me know of any special needs or requests in our initial phone conversation.

Skills & Specialties

Coaching for family and relationships at ParentCoaching.org Nonviolent Communication Inner Empathy Parts Work The Wheel of Consent via Like a Pro with Dr. Betty Martin Landmark Forum and Curriculum for Living 15 years of yoga and meditation teaching training as a somatic sex educator and home/water birthing of two daughters.


Please request a session to begin the cuddling conversation and find out about specific availability.