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Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Female|Rogers Park | Chicago IL

About Keeley

I LOVE to cuddle. Lucky for me, cuddling is really healthy for you.  Oxytocin, the hormone produced when cuddling, can decrease stress, boost the immune system, and fight insomnia! How cool is that?!

It’s SO cool that I became a certified Cuddle Party Facilitator and dedicated a huge part of my life to bringing touch to people who need it… like you!

Sometimes touch and cuddling can be intimidating. Good communication, clear boundaries, and active listening make it a whole lot easier. So, I practice all three in every session. Clients also get my undivided attention and unconditional love. It’s a completely judgement-free zone custom tailored to you!

Remember, there are unlimited possibilities in a cuddle session. Below are just some of the fun things we can spend time doing:
1. We could snuggle on the couch and watch your favorite tv show or movie.
2. We could spoon and chat or take a nap.
3. We could build a blanket fort to cuddle in.
4. We could explore different kinds of touch to see which is our favorite.
5. We could practice eye-gazing and meditation together.
6. We could get out my book of cuddle positions and make a game of ranking them.
7. We could grab a blanket and cuddle on the beach! (Yep! Cuddling isn’t just an indoor activity)

Your imagination is your only limitation. As long as we are following the Code of Conduct, anything is fair game to request. What sounds best to YOU?

I hope I get to cuddle with you soon!

***I also offer Couples Sessions! $130/hr for a two person session. Couples sessions are great for deepening a connection with a special someone. Sound interesting? Ask me about it!***

Session information from Keeley

My in-call sessions take place in my home and start with a brief orientation. We discuss the agreements of the session and establish the pace and preferences that best suit the client. My space is clean and comfortably lit with music options and a television.  A cat lives in my apartment but will bein a closed room during a session. There are also completely cat-free spaces available upon request

Skills & Specialties

Cuddle Party Facilitation Empowerment Leader Space Holder Amateur Masseuse


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