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Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

About Louisa

A HUG a day keeps the doctor away….Though often not, emotional and physical connectedness really should be an integral part of each of our lives. Loving human contact improves our immune system effectiveness, improves our individual healing capabilities, improves mood and mental stability, and directly impacts our ability to cope with everyday stress. By actively acknowledging this need for connection, every being (even or especially introverted personalities), can give and receive the nourishment of love, appreciation and belonging.

Platonic cuddling is an effective pathway to generating the closeness that every being needs and desires. In a firm embrace, we can instantly feel the warm effects human touch can provide but is often lacking in our daily lives. I also enjoy including aromatherapy in my sessions, as pure essential oils can evoke the same pain-relieving effects of over-the-counter medicines without the long term devastating effects.

As a military veteran, I deeply understand service and war-related afflictions that result from devotion to family and country. If you have concerns involving PTSD, Depression, or General Anxiety, you may find that it is often difficult to be fully present in your every day life. Platonic cuddling and an understanding ear are outstanding avenues to relieve stress and find balance in your civilian life.

Session information from Louisa

My Incall sessions are conducted in my living room on an air mattress with lots of pillows. My intention is to provide you with the most serene and cozy environment to find your inner peace and enjoy some cuddling and snuggling. Candle light, aromatherapy, and sound/light tunes (i.e. Vivaldi, Louis Armstrong, rainforest soundtrack) are provided. A sense of security is focused on and accomplished in consensual communication before each session. Parking is open and always available at any time.


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