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Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Calgary, Canada

About Marino

Touch is a lost language. Simple touch allows us to express comfort, joy, support, without words. I believe touch to be a medium through which we learn boundaries, and communication skills, where we can explore expectations and assumptions. We can also just be: Be close, be quiet, be connected.

I have been studying tantra for about 5 yrs now. Much of this work has been around boundaries and communication, empowerment, and blowing up our old beliefs. I went to so many Cuddle Parties, I stopped counting at 35. I watched people shift while being held, and heard. I witnessed so many people gush about how they had never experienced this kind of bliss before, and how it lasts for days afterwards. This is my passion, to talk, to touch, to transform lives.

Session information from Marino

I will be freshly showered, and scent free when we meet. Let’s explore, ask, touch, in a space free from expectations and assumptions. I hope that during our time together you can put a voice to your needs, and wants. Just ask! I might be a yes, I might be a no. I cannot answer a question that isn’t asked. I will not be offended, and I will not judge you. There will be music playing, let me know if you like it. We can use the sofa in the living room, or the mat in the sun room. Did you bring a water bottle? Would you like a cup of tea?



Skills & Specialties

Former Lisenced Massage Therapist Tantra Coach


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