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Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Seattle, WA

About Mark

Hi, I’m Mark! Growing up among fundamentalists in the Midwest and then drifting from one major city to another as a lonely actor, my life was as touch-deprived as any other American’s. When I discovered Seattle’s ecstatic dance community, an enormously touch-positive group of people, in a way I rediscovered myself. Since then I’ve found myself in more long hugs and cuddling more people than I’d ever have imagined. One of the comments I most often receive is how calming and grounding my touch is, that in hugging me time seems to slow down. In a technological culture that increasingly alienates us from ourselves and each other, cuddling is a revolutionary act. I invite you to come experience it for yourself with me.

Session information from Mark

We’ll cuddle in the dance studio in my homeā€”it’s got a heated wood floor, comfy mattresses and an unbelievable number of pillows. Candles, incense and Pandora are all options you can take or leave. After creating a framework of consent and communication we’ll discover how you most like to give and receive touch. I live just a few blocks from the 120 bus line, and free street parking is available on any block besides mine.

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My schedule is flexible enough to fit yours! Whether you prefer cuddling in the morning, afternoon or evening, weekends or weekdays, we can find a fit.