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Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Female|Kalamazoo, Michigan and San Diego, CA February 5-12

About Michelle

Touch has given me a way to connect on a deeper level to others in a non-sexual way.  Before this discovery, it felt as though something was always lacking in my life.

When I learned about cuddling as a profession, it made perfect sense for me.  I am a person that people find very comforting and accepting.  I put people at ease rather quickly.  This translates into a warm, nurturing cuddle environment.  I want to guide you to accept touch, value touch, and ask for what you want and need.

I believe in safe, consensual touch so much that I also facilitate Cuddle Parties, a communication workshop that gives cuddle lovers the opportunity to practice advocating for their touch needs in a safe environment.

Session information from Michelle

I work out of both my home in Kalamazoo, Michigan as well as San Diego, California, just south of Poway,  where I travel regularly.  I’ll be in San Diego February 5-12th.

Whether I come to you or you come to me, we will share a telephone call first to discuss each other’s needs, expectations and co-create guidelines for our cuddle relationship. After I receive your request, watch for an email from me to set up a time to talk.  I prefer to schedule a time rather than just cold-calling a potential client.

I’m located on the west side of Kalamazoo, Michigan. I am on the second floor so stairs should be considered when booking an in-call.

I do have a small dog.  He will not be part of the cuddling session, unless you specifically request him, but you should be aware due to allergens.

I am available to travel.  I charge $25 an hour for travel.

I accept cash and credit cards.  Payment is expected at the start of the session.

Skills & Specialties

People of all genders sexual orientations relationship styles are welcome.


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