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Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Berkeley, CA

About Nikki

Come one, come all, sit for a spell and let’s reconnect!

Compassionate touch is among the oldest and deepest natural magic that humans have shaped and been shaped by. I have worked many jobs, but this is my Work: sharing experiences of connection, showing up for and being fully present with you (yes, you!), growing our unique capacity to reshape ourselves and our world, together.

I am a storyteller, crafter, cat-whisperer, and lifelong hugger committed to supporting safer spaces where people of all bodies / ages / genders can experience self-acceptance and joy. Whether we’re working 50-hour weeks to achieve our goals, contending with illness or isolation, laboring lovingly to strengthen our communities – we all need the physical presence of others to heal our hearts. I am here to meet this need and share this joy with you, through playful, nurturing, non-sexual touch.

Session information from Nikki

We’ll hold introductions via Skype, Hangouts, or in an agreed upon public venue. This initial consultation will include an outline of what services I can offer as a Cuddlist, as well as ample time for you to have questions answered and/or explore what you may want to bring to, experience, or address in a cuddle session. If we are both comfortable doing so, we will then go ahead and schedule your session.

Your cuddle time will be unique to you, and can be held in a park, a cafe with cozy seats, a room you have booked for the session, or the comfort of your own dwelling. As long as it is within the boundaries set out in the code of conduct, our cuddling can take many forms. We can explore a variety of ways to be seen, heard, and held. I look forward to co-creating our cuddle space with you!

I am available for out-calls within an hour from the East Bay, offering sessions from 1 to 3 hours.

Skills & Specialties

Compassionate Communication Guided Meditation Holistic Peer Counseling Light Massage (Amateur) Pillow Fort Design & Construction (Expert)


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