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Session Rate: $80/hour

Berkeley, CA

About Rabbit

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Rabbit: gentle, caring, grounded, creative, and playful.  They / them pronouns.

I am curious about people and other creatures around me. I am inspired by creativity, generosity, and archetypal symbolism.  I have been co-hosting cuddle parties for years and I love this work.

By trade I am an Expressive Arts Therapist ~ this means I have over 10 years worth of experience in service of individuals’ personal growth. Cuddle sessions are different from mental health therapy sessions, but the skills of empathy and creativity I have gained in my work will be available to you.

I have invisible disabilities and I take exquisite care of myself. Sessions with me are always scent free to avoid migraines. Together we can create a space that is safe for both of us: tell me what you need in order to get comfortable.  I am especially interested in providing a safe space for people who are marginalized in everyday environments.

I’m glad you’re here. I believe safe, consensual, non-sexual touch is a necessity for human health. My objective as a professional cuddler is to help you to connect with your most genuine self, to dwell in curiosity and wonder, and to ask for what you want.

Session information from Rabbit

Terms of Service:

If you are able to agree:

that we will abide by the Cuddlist code of conduct (please read it again!), that you do not currently (or within the last week) smoke tobacco, and that you will refrain from using scented soaps or other body care products on the day of the session… we’re good to go!

Initial Consultation via Video Chat ~ your questions are welcome! Payment due at or before session’s start in Cash or through PayPal

In-Call Cuddle Space Options:

– Home setting in Berkeley/Oakland border with no pets. (walking distance from Ashby bart)

– Changing Home settings in Bay Area with pets.

– Outdoors in a park with a padded blanket. (travel fees for some parks)


Sessions begin with affirming our agreements with each other and continue through gentle exploration. Presence and touch can happen in a variety of ways: within the bounds of our agreements, there are infinite ways to cuddle. We can talk or be silent, move often or be still, share lots of contact or just a little. This is a time for you to lean in to your awareness and feel out what you want.

With your permission, I will contact you the day after our session to follow up and see how you are doing.

Skills & Specialties

Gentle Communication Sacred Space Reiki I Expressive Arts Life Coaching Authentic Movement Contact Improvisation Dance Grief and Loss Education Some ASL


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