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Session Rate: $60/hour. Extra Fees for Outcalls. Special $45 Introductory Rate for 1st time clients.

Seattle, WA

About Rich

Uses He/Him/His Pronouns (Feel free to ask me about this!)

DID YOU KNOW that a twenty-second hug releases the bonding hormone and neurotransmitter, oxytocin, which is nature’s anti-depressant and anti-anxiety hormone?

Do you desire to be en-Rich-ed with gentle, nourishing, healing and sensuous touch?

I am Rich, a spiritually-awakened, sex-positive, mature and grounded, cis-hetero male, relationship anarchist, who resides in the Greenwood area of North Seattle. I’ve been often described as a big, strong, but gentle, cuddly teddy bear, with a calming presence and demeanor, energetically-powerful healing and loving hands — with a wise and intuitive heart to match!

I accidentally discovered a Cuddle Party a few years ago while going through a painful divorce, and this non-sexual, healing touch, through cuddling, transformed me, and that is why I desire to transform and en-Rich-en your life!!

At the time, I was lonely, depressed and detached from others. Out of desperation, I decided to attend a Cuddle Party. Those three hours at that event were just the catalyst I needed to jump-start my life and resume living to the fullest! I could not believe how joyful and renewed and energized I felt, immediately afterward! This strange new oxytocin high was incredibly exhilarating on the hour-long drive home, and it lasted for several days afterward. I could not recall ever having that kind of an exhilarating rush!

I realized then, that there was something remarkably special about this “cuddling thing” and I became a regular Cuddle Party fan-boy, attending an event about every two weeks, to “top off my low touch-tank reservoir”.

After about two months, I realized I just simply needed to satisfy a deep desire for intimacy and connection, and that this magical healing power of touch was going to be a major force in my life. My touch-tank was now becoming full!

Healing touch is a gift that I’d like to share with you, or your loved one (a Cuddlist session is also a wonderful gift idea!). Regardless, whether male or female, or any variety therein, or sexual orientation, young or old, thick or thin, healthy or experiencing physical, emotional or neurological challenges, or just plain lonely or depressed or just a bit socially awkward. I am here to help you en-Rich-en your life and experience the full healing virtues of this amazing basic human desire for physical touch and connection.

You deserve to be en-Rich-ed today!

Session information from Rich

My private cuddle space is soft and relaxing with mood lighting, soothing aromatherapy, relaxing music or natural sounds and it has its own private bathroom/shower, for your convenience. I conduct sessions on top of the bedspread of a comfortable, soft California King-sized bed.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start of session to collect payment and review your specific needs/desires and discuss expectations for our session.

Please come freshly showered/shampooed and in clean comfortable lounging attire and be scent-free. I am allergic to the chemicals in some personal products, so no perfumes, colognes or hairsprays, please.

My residence is readily accessible by public transportation. If driving, please park along the street.

For a slight service charge, outcalls to your place are also available. I can even bring our own portable, full-size cuddle mat/pillows where we can have even more cuddling options, like cuddling outside on a deck or back yard, or even at a park, while enjoying the sun and fresh air! Cuddling possibilities are now endless and open to our imaginations!

Wanna Hug? You can be en-Rich-ed today!

Skills & Specialties

Reiki Master Tantra Practitioner Aromatherapist/Reflexologist Spiritual Life Coach Professional Mediator Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner Trauma Informed Counselor Former Pastor Great Hugger and Friend!


Available 7 days per week from 10:00 AM — 10:00 PM.

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