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Sarah B


Session Rate: 80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Female|Cleveland, OH (Shaker Square)

About Sarah B

I believe deeply in the primal power of touch to connect and heal. We all need touch, cuddling and affection in many different forms in our daily lives. Ever since I discovered the healing and wholesome power that comes from decoupling sex and touch, I have been passionate about sharing this discovery with the world through the gift of cuddling.

I also serve as an Epiphany Midwife, which means I sit with people when they are ready to birth a new level of introspective clarity. I use the principles of NVC (nonviolent communication), my intuition and radical self acceptance practices to support people in enjoying intimacy with themselves and others.www.epiphanymidwife.com

I am presently in the midst of the certification process to become a Cuddle Party Facilitator. I am also a mom, a business owner, a tree and rock-climber, dedicated yoga practitioner, and a fan of sing alongs, spontaneous dance parties and almost-funny jokes!

Thank you for taking the time to honor yourself and your own needs by looking for a Cuddlist. I hope that you are able to cuddle with one of us soon!

Session information from Sarah B

I conduct my sessions in a dedicated room on the third floor of my house, which has a padded floor and lots of pillows. I have a small nature altar with candles and you may bring any personal item that would add meaning to our session. I play the Pandora “yoga music” channel or any other type of music that feels soothing to you. You may park on the street and come to the front door, and come up the stairs.

Skills & Specialties

Shadow Work Non-Violent Communication Cuddle Party Facilitator In Training Epiphany Midwife


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