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Session Rate: $80/hour

St Paul, MN | Midway Neighborhood near Hamline University

About Shandai

Dear Cuddle Requesters: I am now taking just a limited number of clients when I am comfortable doing so and the energy is right, as I am currently taking care of myself during pregnancy. Thank you! S.

A Message from CuddleFish Inc…

If there is just one thing you need to know about Shandai (Shan-DAY, Pronoun: She/Her), it is how loving and accepting she is of ALL people . Her favorite thing about humanity is all the wonderful unique qualities that can be found in each and every person. She truly believes that the world of people has a colorful spectrum and everyone on it is worthy of nurturing platonic touch – no matter who they love, how they identify, color of their skin, or belief system.

Originally from a small town in Canada, where there is VERY little to do, she has spent a good portion of her life just trying to make the world smile. If you asked her what the best way of achieving a smile is, her answer would be quite simply: “A smile!” If you asked her how to make a smile last and last she would say: “A hug! A real hug.”

No longer missing the hectic days of a non-profit office career, Shandai has set her mind on a more relaxing and mindful profession: Cuddling. As a practitioner of daily meditation and lover of all that is warm and snuggly (A good cup of tea and her two cats nearing the top of that list), Shandai has settled into a life that aims to feed her soul while at the same time enriching the lives of others. She happily states: “Finding a good community to belong to has been so important for my own happiness. Turning around and opening myself up to allow the community to partake in something I can offer has been the obvious next step for me… and so fulfilling. I am lucky to have stumbled upon a wonderful community here in the Twin Cities and I am proud to be of service here.”

Session information from Shandai

“I was in a rough patch in my relationship, and the day I’d scheduled for my cuddle was particularly bad.

I was tense from driving in the icy rain. I was concerned that I would be a total iceberg for my whole appointment.

Shandai made me so comfortable immediately that I forgot all about the outside world. Her questions about boundaries and needs were organized and professional.

Her space was quiet and relaxing. The transitions and intro questions went smoothly. Above all, her listening skills are superb and almost equal to the instinctive naturalness in her cuddle technique.

I left feeling calm and grateful. I’m looking forward to going back!”


“My whole experience was very positive. Shandai created a space that was very welcoming and made me feel

safe and comfortable the entire time. She is professional and genuine. I highly recommend her as a cuddle

therapist.” – Dori

“It’s a great experience. Safe, comforting, and fun!” – Matt

What does a session with Shandai look like?

There are many ways of setting up a space, both physically and emotionally. It is of the utmost importance to me not only to create a physical space that is warm and comfortable but also to hold an emotional space that is open, safe and neutral for all my clients. A cuddle session can be so much more than just showing up and snuggling for an hour if you would like it to be… it is an opportunity to practice asking for what you need, finding comfort in receiving what you have asked for, and allowing room for change as needed. If what you need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, or a shoulder on which to rest your head, just ask! If what you need is an hour of quiet, to be held in silence, and a mini vacation away from the daily stresses, just ask! Do you need practice saying as well as hearing “Yes” and “No” and asking for what you want? I can help! The most important thing is that you have a neutral place to turn to, free of judgement, a space, both physical and emotional, to just be.

Should you need help relaxing we can do a guided meditation at the beginning of our session. I also have a basic working knowledge of reflexology, if a short foot or hand massage is preferred. I also open all new client sessions with something I like to call “The Oath of Comfort” as well as a couple other consent exercises, which is just a fun way to break the ice, build trust and get comfortable. My space is equipped with a very comfortable couch, a futon, and a bevy of pillows to get snuggly on! I generally like to cleanse the space with sage before your arrival and if you don’t have a sensitivity to any scents I may make use of some calming aromatherapy during our session. Unless requested otherwise there may also be candles burning and soothing music playing quietly in the background. Let’s make this experience unique to you though, just let me know how I can do so!

Just so you are aware: I do have two cats which I can either block out of the space or allow in as you see fit (they like to snuggle too!). I vacuum regularly, and will use freshly laundered sheets on all surfaces to limit the amount of cat hair that you come in contact with but they are allowed in the space on a regular basis so I cannot guarantee a completely dander free visit.

A note about my needs as a Cuddlist…

As a rule my preference is that you come with a set of comfortable clothing that is freshly laundered, but not containing any strong detergent fragrances, to change into before we start. I also ask that you do not wear any strong perfume, hairspray, cologne, or aftershave (underarm deodorant is generally ok) and that you are free of cigarette/cigar smoke or vape smells.


STEP 1: You will receive an EMAIL as first contact, within 24 hours of your request, with all kinds of wonderful and informative documentation for you peruse. There will be a Waiver and a Questionnaire for you to read (both very important and required) and an FAQ to look at as needed. Please check your spam just in case the first email gets filtered. This email will also contain a phone number that you can call during office hours (11am-5pm M-F) if that is your preference, I do respond more quickly and more often to email and text however. Please note: In order to fulfill all steps needed for first time clients, it’s good to be aware that same day requests cannot be fulfilled, best case scenario if schedules align is within 2-3 days.

STEP 2: Once you have read through, our next step is to arrange a short face to face interview to establish trust and discuss the documentation I sent you. I hold meetings both over Skype and in person. I will need to see ID, just to forewarn you 🙂

STEP 3: If we find that we are indeed compatible we can schedule a session. I require a signed waiver and a non-refundable deposit ($20 per hour scheduled) to hold your appointment time. DON’T FRET! This deposit counts towards your total session cost. The remainder of your session cost is due at the beginning of your session. I take cash or credit card (additional fee for credit cards). Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance in order to transfer a deposit to a new session time.

Parking and Transportation

There is street parking available in my area. I am right near the A-Line Bus and only 8 blocks away from the Green Line Train. There are steps leading up to my space, both outside and inside.

Just so you are aware I no longer offer out calls unless they are taking place under special circumstances (ie. you are in the hospital or a senior care facility).

You can visit my company FB page here!

Skills & Specialties

Guided Meditation Basic Reflexology (Hands/Feet) Hair Brushing (personal brush must be provided)


CuddleFish Inc.
Office hours: 11am-5pm, Monday - Friday
Session/Meeting Hours: 1pm-8pm, Monday-Sunday (based on availability)