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Shanna Marie


Session Rate: $80/hour

Manhattan, NYC

About Shanna Marie

Everyone needs touch, attention, affection and appreciation… we yearn for it especially when we experience stress, challenging transitions, loss and grief, unmet expectations or desire to share platonic, respectful, consensual, consistent, and non-sexual intimacy.

Touch is a powerful way to feel alive and cuddling is a deeply nourishing way to feel good. When we feel good, our bodies are relaxed, our breath flows with ease, our minds are calm and clear… we sense a palpable connection to that inner part of us that is always in a state of wellbeing. I love touching others on different levels– our bodies, minds, emotions and souls all have special needs and cuddling creates that sacred space between us to satiate these aspirations. My nurturing presence is comforting, my sensitivity is reassuring, and my sense of wonder are there for us to enjoy together as I discover how you want to be met and held.

Perhaps sitting. Standing. Lying beside. Leaning. Hugging. Hand on heart. Head on abdomen. Back to back. Eye gazing. Skin tracing. Hands squeezing. Laughing. Listening. Breathing. Flowing… akin to a slow dance, contact improvisation, or better yet, a partnered mindfulness meditation. We will tune-in to your body and learn where it needs the most TLC. We may begin with a Blessing, we will practice saying no, we will practice asking, we will practice saying yes, we will bask in each other’s presence and conclude with Gratitude.

I am Shanna Marie, your Natural Wellness Guide. Learn more about my story at www.TheLovingEarth.com and Follow @theLovingEarth on Instagram. The principal modalities I work with are Healing Touch Therapy with Essential Oils, Crystal Healing, and Intuitive Healing Touch Therapy a.k.a. Professional Cuddling.

Session information from Shanna Marie

Thank you for your interest, I will be in touch with you by email or text messaging within 24-48 hours after I receive your request.

I look forward to learning more about you and what you want to get out of our session.

We will proceed with the screening process then schedule a phone conversation and on the day of our appointment, we will plan an in-person meeting to get acquainted in public before moving forward with our private session.

Please be in alignment with Cuddlist’s strict Code of Conduct, be hygienically savvy and bring freshly laundered clothing that meets our requirements. I recommend a cotton t-shirt, pajama pants, and socks. You will have time to change before our session starts.

We will begin by establishing an open communication agreement between us so we can honor each other’s boundaries while exploring our personal preferences. Consent and respect is key to creating a space of safety, security and trust so I will need to know that we will both speak up if anything feels uncomfortable.

I am available for outcalls only to hospitals (during chemotherapy, dialysis, post-surgery recovery and childbirth), hospices, assisted living facilities, retirement homes, and corporate settings. I facilitate private sessions at The Loving Earth sanctuary in the Upper East Side. There are parking facilities near my office, street parking is sometimes available, and the best way to get there is on the 6 train or the M79 crosstown bus. Please be advised that I integrate all my healing practices and there will be essential oils, crystals and two hypoallergenic canine cuddlers present onsite during our session.

I accept payments through PayPal via theLovingEarthWellness@gmail.com and you will receive an invoice from me when everything is confirmed. Thank You.

Skills & Specialties

Certified AromaTouch Technique Practitioner Certified Crystal Healer Spiritual Interfaith Minister


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