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Session Rate: $80/hr

Los Angeles, CA (Echo Park)

About Tate

I am an artist and writer who thinks a lot about my love for people, and how important touch is. I believe everyone has a baseline need for acceptance, and that the ability to communicate through touch is incredibly important for our relationships with ourselves and others. To learn the language of touch is to open a whole world of possibilities. There is a reason we say we need to, “get in touch”. Our bodies provide a language that is powerful and subconscious. I want to help others overcome shame, anxiety, depression and fear by helping them “get in touch”.

Session information from Tate

I host all sessions at my studio, which is private and peaceful. I like to start sessions with a 5-15 minute check in. For the first session, I like to thoroughly go over boundaries, and practice asking for and giving consent.


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