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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $60/hour

Collierville, TN

About Abigail

I would love the opportunity to share space and time with you, and share the beautiful experience of cuddling and platonic touch in a safe place. This is a whole new kind of self care!

It’s about connecting one-on-one, in a way our world often forgets about; platonic touch, also known as cuddling!

I found the benefit of cuddling before I found out there was work to be made of it. Before I met my husband (and first meaningful cuddle partner) I was lost and starved for touch. Feeling close to anyone was nearly impossible and I ended up in some not ideal situations because of that deep need for connection. However, the universe had a plan and out of this behavior, I met the man who would become my partner. We learned together how cuddling had lasting effects on us long after it happened. I didn’t feel the need to search for affection through physical non-platonic contact, and could focus on other aspects of myself and my life. And the most life changing part was that I lost that sense of shame so many have that can come with asking for what I wanted! That lead me to a more serious relationship with my partner and even being promoted at work.

I would love to share this same kind of experience with you, and together we can find out how cuddling can change your own life

Session information from Abigail

Once you submit a request, I will email you with 3 date and time slot options for our first meet up! These will most likely take place at the Starbucks at 1760 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. There we will take 15 to 30 minutes going over the code of conduct (that I will also attach to your first email) and address any questions you have at that time!

When I arrive for your session, we will take a few moments to get comfortable with the space (play some music, light any candles, and get cozy!) and then sit to begin our session.

I offer my cuddling services within 25 miles of 80906. There is no travel fee. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged the full session amount.

Since I come to you for our sessions, you will pick where we will cuddle! I will bring along some items to help us both get comfy like candles, pillows, a speaker for music (suggestions welcomed!), and some water. To begin our sessions we will begin by making a comfortable consensual agreement, and then let our imaginations lead the session from there. Along with cuddling I encourage clients to feel empowered to speak their wants and needs and continue on their own journey of self development.

Skills & Specialties

5 years learning self development from Todd Campbell Olivia Fox Cabane and Travis Fox.


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