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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

New York, NY | Manhattan, NY | Brooklyn, NY

About Alan

Radical acceptance is my way of life. Having lived all around the world with people of diverse backgrounds, I have firsthand experience being a “have” and a “have-not”, a member of the tribe and an extreme outsider, feeling safe and living for extended periods in unsafe conditions. My belief is that no matter what your life looks like to others, what is true for you is valid and deserves to be acknowledged.

My passion is healing through touch. With extensive experience in physical therapy, I found that touch is the modality that brings about the most immediate and powerful response. I am a witness to people becoming more connected with themselves. Clients tell me about the positive changes they see in their everyday life. Specific examples are increased confidence, learning to feel more in control of their life, speaking up for themselves, gaining the capacity to feel safe and protected, and decreasing co-dependent relationship patterns.

With a wide cuddle repertoire, sessions often involve a variety of types of platonic touch. Outside of cuddle technique, an important aspect of a session is connection and safety. Some clients like to rest their head on my chest, hold hands, have someone to talk to or just to cry and express themselves. There are clients who want to talk, and those who prefer to revel in the quiet. I provide a space where all of these options are valid.

In my cuddle practice, any race, gender, sexuality, and body type is welcome.

Session information from Alan

I conduct my sessions on an oversized mattress. I play music and use soft lighting. We begin by establishing good communication and agree to share our needs as they arise. This way we can remain present and stay connected with ourselves allowing for an especially therapeutic environment. Before our first session, we will talk on the phone to ensure we’re a good fit. I’ll answer your questions and we can discuss what you’re seeking in a cuddle session.

Skills & Specialties

Reiki Physical Therapy Massage Natural Empath Non-Violent Communication Experience with Touch Trauma Dancer


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