Amanda Anatra
Amanda Anatra

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Amanda A

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour, $80/hour Virutal

Killingworth, CT

About Amanda A

Amanda has been a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator & Certified Professional Cuddlist for the past 6 years. As well as an International Tantric Facilitator and Domestic Goddess of two outrageous young boys. Amanda has a diverse Tantrica background that allows for a unique, blissful and radiant experience to unfold in her workshops, online courses and sessions. She has studied with The School of Tribal Tantra based on Kashmir Shaivism and Shamanic Ritual, Ipsalu Tantra – Kriya Yoga based on Osho’s dynamic teachings, and Babaji Nagaraj’s esoteric Cobra Breath Technique and Urban Tantra combining modern tantric philosophy with conscious kink. Amanda is a life-long student and immerses herself in the sacred teachings from the Temple of Isis and The Rose Lineage. She is currently diving deep into Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing and learning to incorporating scientific knowledge about our miraculous nervous systems with the ancient wisdom of Tantra. Amanda encourages everyone to make joyful well-being their first priority and to live blissfully in this intense world by gently taking care of self. Her techniques will help you become fully embodied with simple-yet-profound tools you can apply in your daily life.

She offers Reiki, Professional Cuddling, Tantric Coaching, Workshops & Retreats.

Working with Amanda will assist you to clear what blocks you from your true light, guiding you in opening up to the miracle of life, and embracing the bubble of “Ananda” (or, in English, Bliss!) that is constantly accessible to us all. She is tremendously enthusiastic and humbled to share these teachings with the wonderful souls who say “HEAVEN’S YES” to time spent with her.

Amanda is a passionate leader, who is not afraid to speak up for what she believes in and who is committed to serving her community. She is a lifelong learner, full of strength and ambition, who aims to positively impact the world by spreading love and the teachings of bliss through the incredibly transformational experience of TRUE CONNECTION.

Amanda is responsible for bringing Cuddle Party back to the Connecticut area. She is ecstatic and honored to support the quickly evolving local Cuddle Monster community.

Learn more about Amanda by going to for free meditations, online courses, & event schedule.

Session information from Amanda A

Join me in a Bubble Of BLISS!

Come and experience some nourishing platonic cuddles! Enjoy the many healing benefits of affection without all the confusing strings. Allow me to adore you with non-sexual touch and to support you with unwavering acceptance and love. I provide a clean, warm, safe, comfortable, non-judgmental, and confidential environment. No matter if you are looking to relax and release the weeks stress, to relieve loneliness or sadness, or just need a listening ear and warm embrace. I am here for you. Your sessions are completely customizable. You can enjoy head scratches, be gently caressed or tightly held, let’s create your version of snuggle heaven together! I want to help you return to your empowered, happy and confident self.

Services offered:

  • Time of need – Suffering from pain that some TLC or specific care can help you with? (foot massage, temple rub, etc)
  • Emotional support – Going through a breakup and just need a shoulder to cry on? When was the last time you’ve been heard?
  • Loneliness – Are you surrounded by people, but still feel alone? Traveling through town and want someone to be with?
  • Half-Day Companionship – Want someone to sit and talk with? Share a meal? Maybe while being held?

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Covid Protocols: Fully Vaccinated, Proof Available Upon Request
Masks and Temperature Taken Available Upon Request

Ps. Please note:
a) I do not offer Outcalls
b) Sadly, this location is not wheelchair accessible
c) This cuddle space does contain an Old Adorable Cuddly Cat!

Skills & Specialties

Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator Advanced Somatic Experiencing Trauma Practitioner Intimacy Educator Tantric Priestess Reiki 3rd Level Attunement Women’s Embodiment


Friday Afternoon 12pm-6pm

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