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Amanda G.

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour

San Antonio

About Amanda G.

COVID-19 Update: I am fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine effective on 4/15/2021, and will receive the booster in mid-October.

My top priority for my work has always been meeting my clients where they are at, and our current world situation is no different! More than ever, we all need to be seen in our truth right now, whatever that may look like The space we can create together will be ripe with aliveness, authentic connection, and transformative qualities. Request a session and we can begin to discuss our connection.

I’m so happy YOU are here! Very likely if you’ve found me here, you understand the vital importance of authentic connection and nurturing touch for our personal well-being. I congratulate you for taking this powerful step towards increased connection and self-discovery! What joy it brings me to be a part of your process!

I am nurturing by nature, and will bring to each of our sessions an openness towards meeting you exactly where you are, and how you are. Using gentle guidance and empathic listening, together we will co-create a session that is perfectly tailored to your needs. For some this may mean we jump right into cuddling during the first session. For others, we may spend the first several sessions talking with minimal or no touch involved. Each of these scenarios are perfect—what’s important here is that you feel seen and valued.

My first experience with Cuddlist was originally on the client side, where I experienced radical and rapid positive transformations in how I viewed myself and my relationships with others. I knew immediately that this was something special. It was scary too. The hours before my first session I was questioning myself for having made the decision, and wondering if the experience would even be worth my time and money. I came close to cancelling, and looking back . . . I am so relieved I didn’t! The exponential growth I received through my cuddle sessions have permeated into every area of my life. Using the skills I have acquired from being on both sides of Cuddlist, being a regular Cuddle Party attendee, and knowledge and skills from other areas, we can co-create sessions designed for:
*giving you a time and space to let go and be taken care of. This is self-care, pure and simple.
*helping you develop or redevelop your own sense of being nurturing towards others. Connection goes both ways. Our society oftentimes doesn’t place value on slowing down and connecting. Together we can change this.
*enhancing your ability to create and enforce your own boundaries. Learning how to be in your authentic “yes” and “no” will add limitless value to your personal and professional life. This is possible!
*allowing you to be truly seen and heard. Whatever is present in you, whatever areas you need to talk about, or emotions you need to express—it is ALL welcome here!
*anything else you feel is important! The possibilities for our time together are endless! Let me know what you’re thinking!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Session information from Amanda G.

Location: I am now booking in-calls at my location only.

Screening: Once you request a session, I will give you a call or send you a text within 24 hours. This is our opportunity to ask each other questions and see if we’re a good match.* From there we can determine a time and a location that works for both of us. Please note, I will ask for a photo of your ID before formally booking your session.

During the Session: Each of our sessions will begin with reviewing the Cuddlist Code of Conduct and checking in with one another.

After the Session: After your initial session I will check in the next day through either a phone call or a text. I want to hear about your experience and answer any questions that may have come up.

Payment: I accept payment in the form of cash, money order, and various digital formats (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, etc.)

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel before 24 hours, we will arrange another time within one-week and rebook. If you cancel within 24 hours, full session payment is due.

*I am very happy to offer referrals to other local Cuddlists if I believe you would be better served by someone else’s skill set.

Skills & Specialties

Life Coaching Nonviolent Communication Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Cuddle Party Facilitator in training Learning Styles Authentic Relating Facilitator Group Dynamics Love Languages Guided Visualization Breathing and Relaxation Techniques Hypnotherapy Breathwork Psychodrama


Availability changes each week. We will work together to find a time that works for both of us.

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