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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $70/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Anda Birleanu

I am a highly empathic person, whose love for cuddles was discovered out of a personal need during a difficult time in my life, which has fortunately passed. Since I didn’t find cuddle therapy in my area, I decided to make it available myself for others to come to. I created the perfect environment for you to be vulnerable and at the same time feel safe. This space is not set to a specific location. It is flexible, adjustable, and fluid with our needs at that moment. Here you can be however you want to be as long as we are both safe.

I believe all your struggles are real, all your doubts have a reason, and all your feelings are valid. I do not choose my clients according to race, religion, orientation, etc. I believe we are all different and as long as we are on the same page with cuddle therapy, you are welcome to come for cuddles. I believe in the healing power of a pair of caring arms wrapped around you in support, or a steady shoulder to cry on with crocodile tears. I also believe in sitting in silence with someone just for the sake of not being alone. No words needed, just… someone there.

Since February 2020, I am able to offer Thai-yoga massage along with cuddle therapy.  This type of massage is done without oils and on a fully clothed body. I will support you and carry you in different yoga positions through which you will get connected with your body at a deeper level as you have the time and peace to feel every movement and every stretch. During the stretches, the  thai massage techniques  for relaxation and the acupressure points will soothe and relax you.  This kind on massage started developing 2500 years ago, in the small villages of Thailand. When people came back from working on the field, they needed someone to soothe their pain gathered throughout the day. Can you imagine how your body would feel after a hard day of working on the rice fields?  It is still used today the same as a form of healing and preventive medicine. This kind of practice is so important in the thai culture that in 2019 UNESCO added it on the  Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Once you submit a request I will call you in the next 24 hours for a short discussion to see if this kind of therapy is suitable for your needs and to make an appointment if necessary. If we decide to meet, please keep away from strong odours like eating onion, garlic, or using strong perfume prior to our session. When you arrive for the cuddle session I will welcome you with a warm embrace and a cup of warm tea or a glass of water. Then, I will kindly ask for your ID document to take a picture, file it, and give it back to you. I will accustom you with the space.

If we have the session outdoor (in a park or on the hug boat), I will take your jacket and place it somewhere where it won’t be in our way. I will guide you to the cuddle area. No matter the season, I will always provide warm blankets, warm tea, water, and mints.

Why on the boat or outdoor: Sitting on the grass, under the trees, is recognised by our subconscious as a rooting experience, while the hug boat is instantly associated with the symbol of a nurturing womb, a source of security and regeneration. The therapeutic process I designed for outdoor is focused on freedom, movement, and light. Thus the effects of the hug therapy are profoundly experienced, allowing you to find your inner source of balance. Please keep in mind there is no toilet available if you choose to book a session on the boat. If we have the session indoor: I will guide you where you can hang your coat, leave your belongings, where the toilet is and the room where I will expect you for our cuddle session. Make yourself comfortable and meet me in the cuddle room when you’re ready. I will provide you with a warm blanket, warm tea, water, and mints.

Why indoor: The privacy and coziness of a warm room gently carry you to a peaceful and safe state of mind where you can sit with your emotions and observe them without distractions from outside. I will be with you through this entire journey. You can let your emotions manifest without worrying that someone might judge you for opening up.

How we begin the session: We will go through the code of conduct (for new members) and the opening agreement once again to be sure no noise will come up in our minds as we hold this genuine, platonic and intimate therapy. I normally use incense sticks, relaxing music, binaural beats, nature sounds, and cuddling pillows for an experience as comfortable as possible. If in any case, you don’t want any, please let me know prior to the session so I take it out of the room.

What to expect in a session with me?

-Thai-yoga massage

-long supporting hugs

-I am a good listener so you can talk to me as much as you want

-chat about little things

-sit in silence until you are comfortable to talk. Even if that means not saying anything at all the whole time.

-back rub

-head massage

-read to you

-hold you during your nap

-guided meditation

-play paper-scissors-rock

-anything that we both are comfortable doing with a genuine open heart and is according to the code of conduct or the opening agreement.

I will remind you when we have 5-10 minutes left of the session so that if you want to do something, in particular, we have time to do it. When the time is up, I will let you come back to your present senses while I get a glass of water for you and prepare your belongings for your leaving. You will have another big hug before you leave, of course! In a couple of days after the session, I will send you a follow-up email, to let me know how the cuddles worked for you that day and the days after our session. Also, I will ask if you want to make another appointment so that we can schedule it in time.

Payment and reservation: In order to reserve your spot in the hugs agenda, you must send me a message asking to make an appointment and you must provide your telephone number. I will call you and we will decide together if and when we meet. At the end of our discussion, if we both agree upon a session, I will send you the account to which you can transfer a minimum of 50% of the session price to seal the booking. The rest of the amount needs to be sent at the starting of our session.

Cancelation Policy: If a situation arises and you need to cancel the session, I kindly ask you to provide me a 24 hours notice. This way you can get a full refund. Otherwise, you will be subject to a full charge. If you are late for a session, you may lose some of that session time, depending on the possible next appointments.


Session information from Anda Birleanu

I’m available for out-call sessions – this service is available for customers who had at least a session with me prior to the out-call (with an arranged  travel fee to be paid by the client)

I’m available for in-call sessions (Client goes to Cuddlist Place)

Skills & Specialties

Thai Yoga massage therapy Nuad Bo-Rarn Nuad Thai good listener genuine care giver empathic positive


Monday- Friday: 11 00- 20 00
Saturday: 11 00-16 00.

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