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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Madison, WI

About Andy


My passion is healthy deep connections. Deep connections involve being seen, heard and held for who we are. Most of our daily connections include opportunities for being seen and heard, but these may not always be healthy. Without a system of boundaries and consent (permission) we often lack a system of safety and trust – the very foundations of healthy connections. This missing system challenges the depth of our connections.

Cuddling – nurturing touch – illuminates the need for clear boundaries and consent (permission). Using these, safety and trust may be established and – perhaps ironically – cuddling may be an easier and deeper connection to make even with someone you have just met.

If your intention for a session is to enjoy the comfort and warmth of platonic touch then I’d be joyful to work with you. However, I’d also be thrilled to practice safety and trust with you if you feel so called. No matter your gender, or non-gender, I bring gentleness and respectfulness with the intention of building trust when facilitating each session.

Session information from Andy

Currently I’m only available for out-calls and there is a travel fee of $20 (fee is waived if you are handicapped) so you must be able to provide a safe place for the cuddle session. A safe place includes:

– A space that is reasonably clean, easy to access and that has bathroom access.
– A space that is free of roommates, animals, strong scents and loud noises.
– Sessions are one-on-one only, no other people are to be present in the room. For your safety you may have a friend in another room outside of the conversational and cuddling space.
– A couch or floor cushions for comfort. A blanket may be useful if the climate is chilly.
– Your own music if you wish any.
– Within twenty minutes of West High School in Madison (53705).

After I receive your request I will send you an email within 24 hours with more information about how to schedule with me, the best way to contact me with questions and concerns, and a few questions about your goals for the session. Before the session I’ll ask that you sign a waiver and complete the down payment.

Once I arrive at your safe space you can introduce me to the space, including access to the bathroom and to water. We will review the Code of Conduct, get to know each other a bit and discuss what you hope to get from our session. Finally as we start the session we create an agreement to be open and direct about any discomfort we are feeling.

When you schedule the appointment you will be prompted for a 50% down payment online by credit card. If you cancel less than 24 hours from the session time this payment is non-refundable. If more than 24 hours before then the payment is refunded minus a $5 accounting fee. The remaining 50% of the payment is due at the end of the session, in-person, and may be paid by credit card or in cash.


I am not currently taking requests due to COVID-19. Please check back later.

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