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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $90/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

London, UK

About Ani

Covid Protocol: I do not require my clients to disclose their vaccine status. A rapid covid test can be provided upon request. I also do not require masks in my sessions, however I am happy to wear one if you would like. Both client and practitioner wash hands at the beginning of the session.

Physical touch is the source of our human being and the most important form of self-therapy so that we can develop further and feel good. I will make you feel appreciated, comforted and cared for. We all need some love and warmth at times and I have plenty to share.

I became a Certified Cuddle Therapist through Nordic Cuddle in August 2020 in London, UK and I’ve practiced as a Touch Practitioner since. I believe in the healing power of cuddling and platonic touch. I’m a warm-hearted person and a good listener who enjoys the simple things in life and connecting deeply with other people.

A hug says: Safety, Security, Trust, Self-worth, Belonging, Healing

A cuddle session with me is customized to help create comfort, relaxation and nurturing affection. It is a safe space for you to destress, relax and heal.

Some of my clients’ testimonials:


“The cuddle session with Ani was very helpful for me. It filled a void in my life that no family, friend or counselor has been able to offer. Hands-on touch is a tangible form of healing and is powerful. Being that i didn’t receive much nurture as a child, i have developed a barrier in my relationships. Allowing myself to be cuddled and safely touched at my own pace, it is helping me to heal and do less of the fight-flight pattern, that prevents me from experiencing real connection and intimacy. I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with similar trauma.”


“I have met Ani from Healing Cuddle for about five times so far and eash session was great.

She is really good with her genuine and authentic care, comforting, non judgemental and putting me at ease everytime. She has a nice and clean place and always arrived on time for cuddling at my place.

She is my go to cuddling service provider and would recommend her to everyone.”


“So this whole concept is new for me, got to know about cuddle therapy via media and googled for professional and came across Ani. Booked and did a therapy session with Ani. Wow I can’t even explain how stressfree, light, happy,blissful I felt. Ani is an amazing professional cuddling Angel with in depth knowledge to chat in common and an enlightenment in spiritual level. Very Happy :-)”


“Wonderful cuddle session. I had Ani over to my home. She was warm, sensitive, professional and had a fun sense of humour. I felt able to relax deeply and felt very nourished. I would thoroughly recommend her. The nice thing about having a professional cuddling session is that it’s all “for you”. You can go totally into receiving mode, and you don’t need to take care of the other person.”


Session information from Ani

A cuddle therapy session is your time to receive the love and attention that you deserve. An extra-ordinal experience to enjoy safe, consensual touch, to feel surprisingly home in someone else’s energy.

We’ll establish a general agreement that we’ll speak up at any time for any reason if we feel uncomfortable, and we’ll do a quick exercise to practice setting boundaries. After discussing expectations and establishing trust the session starts with a breathing exercise to relax into each other’s space. We then can start in any position that feels good for both of us. It’s all about what you’re looking for and what I’m sincerely happy to provide to you. We can cuddle or just sit in silence or talk, hold hands, caress, gaze into each other’s eyes – whatever feels comfortable to you.

I recommend a minimum of 1 and half hours long cuddle session as this is most effective and time flies really fast during cuddling.

Please wear clothes that are scent-free and comfortable for cuddling. T-shirts and sweatpants, or yoga wear are all perfectly suitable. The minimum of a tank top and shorts to mid-thigh length is required. Undergarments do not constitute as sufficient clothing.

LOCATIONS: I provide in-call sessions in my therapy studio in Cheshunt or in a therapy room in Islington, London. If you prefer an out-call session, I ask that your space is tidy, safe and free of loud noises and strong odors.

Payment is due in advance or at the start of the session via bank transfer, cash, Wise, Revolut or PayPal, and I appreciate a £30 deposit to assure you are serious about the booking.

Skills & Specialties

Certified Life Coach mindfulness active listening compassion empathy


I am available most days, however it is best to contact me in advance.

I require at least a 24 hour booking notice to prepare for your cuddle experience. This means that the booking needs to be fully finalised with a meeting DAY, TIME and VENUE 24 hours in advance. I would also appreciate a 24 hour cancellation notice where possible.

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