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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour plus $10 flat-rate travel charge

Harrisburg, PA

About Arielle

“Can you hold me while I cry?” a friend asked me a year ago. I thought I would feel overwhelmed or strange because he was a man, but I didn’t. I felt relief and even pride. I was impressed that he was asking for the type of support that so many men need but are afraid to ask for. We had a few extremely comforting hours together, and I saw how, over the next couple weeks, his faith in humanity and quality of life tremendously improved.

This is how my career as a cuddler began.

I know how important touch is, and I know how important it is for that touch to be *on your own terms.* Many people don’t have opportunities to establish boundaries that they need, to ask for what they want, or to say “no” when they want. And it’s led to so much touch starvation and loneliness, especially for men, who are wrongly taught that cuddling is unmanly (what a sad lie!).

Professional cuddling is the perfect solution to the problem of touch starvation. This is your chance to cuddle on your own terms.

I’m more than happy to teach you what I have learned about communicating wants and boundaries, and I’m looking forward to discovering how cuddling can make you feel happy about yourself and the world. I’m proud of you and I’m proud of me for turning here to make this life a little safer and warmer.

Session information from Arielle

I’m currently only doing outcalls (I will likely have a cuddle space within a couple of months) around D.C., Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Ocean City NJ, and NYC. I also frequently find myself in Berkeley, CA, and am happy to meet clients there. I expect I will be driving quite a bit for sessions! So, I ask that you schedule a 3-hour minimum session with me to make the traveling worth the time. I ask for 1-week advance notice for sessions in PA, where I live. I ask for 2-weeks advance notice for sessions in all other states and a $10 flat travel fee.

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ASMR Mindfulness Practices Meditation


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