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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + travel fees for outcalls

Jacksonville, FL

About Autumn

Touch is an essential part of our human experience and one of the most natural expressions of human connections that we deserve. Therapeutic platonic touch fills this need for belonging, safety, and love that reconnects us to others. But most importantly, it brings us back into our own bodies to reconnect with ourselves on a deep and profoundly transformative level.

Please meet me in this safe, loving, and nurturing space to just be yourself with me. You will feel held while healing, growing, and transforming. I will promote the power of connection, exploration, and child-like playfulness, while you take a short period away from the busy life. As the buzzing in your mind quiets down and you feel safely nested back into own body, my hope is that the feeling will extend out into your life and the universe after the cuddling session ends.

Session information from Autumn

I conduct my sessions on the (big) sofa in my living room. I play music and light candles. We begin by creating a consensual communication agreement and let individual preferences guide us from there. In addition to cuddling, I encourage my clients to identify and speak their wants and needs. I have a cat who lives with me. Street parking is free in my neighborhood.


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