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Kalispell, MT

About Barbara


In response to the current world situation and the ever growing need for support, I am expanding on our ways to connect. While we know how healing it is to receive human touch, the therapeutic value of a session is not simply about the touch – it is about the intimacy which is created with healthy boundaries and a willingness to be authentic, to be seen and to open up to one another.

If you are in need of human connection, I have a tool kit of fun ways to do that and we can create our own confidential haven of time together however is best for us.

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Let’s face it.  We live in a world where people (whether they are in relationship or not) are often deprived of human connection – and especially at this time during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuddlists provide safe, connected, professional healing sessions where being authentic, receiving or giving consensual touch and being held is available.  Now, during this time of social distancing and the pandemic the world is experiencing – we are offering virtual sessions.

This professional service is a godsend to individuals who are struggling with things in life and need comfort, connection, and conscious healing touch.   It is also available to anyone who simply wants and needs connection and touch but are not finding a safe place to get those needs met in the ‘real world’

While touch and being held is a basic need, all too often people are in situations of touch deprivation.

Being deprived of healthy connection and touch leads us into isolation, depression, emotional health problems which lead to a decline in physical health.

The intention of Cuddlist sessions is to improve your health and overall well being.  It increases self-worth, confidence, improves productivity and strengthens your immune system.  Platonic touch can also help decrease depression, anxiety and the stress hormone, cortisol, in our bodies.

If you do not have a Cuddlist practitioner option in your location, a lot of satisfaction and healing can be had through zoom or phone sessions.  Just knowing there is someone here who will hold space for you to be authentic, to hear you and have a safe and intentional connection/conversation can be a huge gift to someone who is feeling isolated.  I am also a healer and if the need arises during our phone call, distance energy healing (Reiki, Theta or Access Consciousness) can be an added benefit.

Who are Cuddle Clients?

  • Clients who are working through issues that involve the fear of connection and being touched by another.
  • Clients who are wanting to learn how to communicate their own boundaries – this is a perfectly safe container to learn and practice using your voice and speaking to your feelings, needs, and boundaries.
  • Clients who are working with talk therapists and need touch and real-time practice in intimate, heart-centered communications and connection with another human being.
  • Folks who are too busy to develop long term relationships due to schedules or careers but still need connection and touch.
  • Widowers, divorcees or singles who have lost their touch partner and are still in need of this basic human contact.
  • Individuals who are in an abusive or neglectful relationship.
  • Anyone uncomfortable with touch in general who wants to learn to be more comfortable with it. (We will go very slowly, at your pace!)
  • Those who are lonely, depressed, stressed, or preparing for a big event and just need to relax!
  • Students (over 18) who are missing family while away at college/training.
  • Awkward or uncomfortable about asking for touch? You’re in the right place to get empowered to practice asking for what you want in a safe space.
  • Those who have had a bad experience with touch and feel like they need to be retrained or learn about good, healthy touch in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
  • Anyone who needs connection, intimacy, loving presence and touch.
  • Anyone who wants to learn and practice speaking their authentic truth and boundaries to re-wire old patterns of not having a voice in situations

Sessions can be playful and fun as well as comforting. Sessions are client-led, therapeutic, relaxing, connected, wholesome and experiential learning conscious communication, spoken boundaries and consent.

Session information from Barbara

At our session, we will start the first 5-7 minutes by discussing what you hope to get from our time together, remind ourselves that this is a safe place for strictly platonic touch and we will both agree to speak up and be honest if there is ANY feeling of unease or discomfort about anything during our session.

Soothing music and aromatherapy may be used to further create a feeling of healing and safety.

If you are a seasoned Cuddler/already have experience with Cuddlist.com and want to try something more like “real life,” I’m available for scheduling sessions to watch movies, go for walks, etc as schedule permits.  Keep in mind that all sessions are strictly platonic.

Booking a Session:   All sessions are booked through this webpage at the “Request A Session” link beneath my profile picture.    When I receive your request to book a session through that link  I will contact you for a brief screening call and to arrange a schedule


Please book your session ahead of time as I do not do same-day appointments, and generally need at least two days in order to complete my screening process before scheduling a person session.

I accept cash or Venmo.

I also require 24 hours notice for cancellations.

Because I sometimes travel outside my home town location,  I may not have a place of my own near you where we can meet.  In that case, there are other cuddling possibilities!  They include:

  • a public park or the beach
  • a movie theater
  • a coffee shop with comfy sofas
  • a hospice or retirement community
  • an Airbnb or other rented space
  • possibly your residence or
  • another place that you suggest.

We will negotiate traveling fees and other costs. I do have a sliding scale for people who have special needs.

You can learn more about me on my website, http://www.heartandhandsenergymedicine.com

Please make sure you read and agree to the Cuddlist Code of Conduct https://cuddlist.com/code-of-conduct/

If you have any questions or concerns, please state what those are within the space provided when you submit to “Request a Session”

I look forward to meeting you soon and will be honored to share space with you.

Love and Light



Standard Rate $150 per hour session /  Prepaid Discount Package:  3 sessions (3 hours) for $350.

PANDEMIC SPECIAL RATE is available for tela and zoom sessions/Sliding Scale Fee is available for those in need.

VIRTUAL SESSIONS:  $70. hr (Special Rate During Coronavirus Pandemic) / Discount Package:  4 for $240.  To schedule and secure a time, please pre-pay through Venmo or you may mail your payment in the form of a Money Order to Barbara Hadley PO Box 9233, Kalispell MT  59904.  Once I receive payment, we will schedule a time.  My Venmo Handle is:  Barbara Canfield Hadley @Barbara-Ellen-   (please make sure you have the exact handle correct to make sure payment is sent to the correct account)

All sessions are secured with prepayment.  Ask about discount package rates

Skills & Specialties

Landmark Forum Trauma Informed Consent/Communication/Boundary Coach Human Connection Coach Certified Yoga Instructor Kundalini Yoga Classes Access Consciousness Bars Classes and Treatments Higher Love/Conscious Relationship and Intimacy Coach Somatic Arts Practitioner Theta Reiki Reflexology Ayurvedic Practitioner Health Assessment Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator Musician - Private Music Teacher - Guitar Fiddle Seamstress - Online Lessons Available Arts and Crafts - Online Lessons Available to make Leather Jewelry Intuitive Readings / Messages from the Stars

Virtual Session Ideas: Getting to Know You
Enjoying Your Company Following Your Desires for how to connect is of utmost importance! I would love to hear your ideas as Cuddlist Sessions are Client Led.

AND here are some things I will put out there as ideas which I would love to share with you from my bag of tools :)

The Three Minute Game
Waking Up The Hands Eye Gazing Energetic Distance "Touch" Singing Playing Guitar and Singing with you or for you Sharing Laughter Holding Space For You Teaching you to play the Guitar or Fiddle Reading Poetry or a Book Guided Meditation - I will guide you into a meditation Guided Self Awareness and Yogic Self Care Practices Yoga Intuitive Reading (Did you know that playing cards are an ancient calendar and connected to astrology?! I can help you discover a lot about yourself and your relationships! Tell me about your life and relationships - let me gift you practices and principals for deeper connecion and beautiful relationship!


Contact me for availability and to secure a time for your session. Please send your Venmo handle with your request for session and we will secure a time in the schedule

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