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Kalispell, MT

About Barbara


AKA – Professional Cuddlist

Please read my take on this profession.

In response to the current world situation and the ever growing need for support, I am expanding on our ways to connect.

Let’s face it.  We live in a world where people are often deprived of safe human connection. If distance or other concerns keep us from meeting in person, virtual sessions are available through phone or zoom call.

A first time 20 minute free phone call is available to determine if your needs and my expertise are in alignment.

If so, we can then schedule an appointment.

All too often, people find themselves in situations or relationships they never intended to be in simply because they did not have the skills upfront to speak their truth or to set their boundaries.

The core of this problem lies in the fact that there is ALWAYS an exchange of energy. In the real world, time and time again people wind up in situations and unhealthy relationships simply because no one was clear about boundaries and intentions, “who is receiving what” and what the expected exchange of energy is.

Furthermore, according to statistics and studies of relational difficulties and abuse, it is apparent that 99.9 % do not know their own boundaries and if they do know what their boundaries are, they most often do not have the voice or courage to speak them when in situations. The lack of understanding consent and inability to communicate proper boundaries is cause for a lot of unnecessary suffering.

A private study in human connection, boundaries, and consent was done with over 500 people. It was discovered that when boundaries and intentions were clear and spoken, the incidents of abuse were reduced by 99%. Not only did these individuals act with the integrity which was expected of them, but their manor of speech was also elevated. Within the same study, sessions were also observed without having any definite boundaries or intentions. In the sessions where boundaries and intentions had not been clearly stated, 3 out of 4 unknowing candidates who were being observed were clearly out of integrity.

This is serious as the majority of people do not understand healthy boundaries, conscious touch, non-verbal cues OR how to communicate effectively. It has been proven that clear in boundaries and intention stop the majority of violations. Therefore, it is imperative that individuals take responsibility for themselves in as much to clearly know and speak their own boundaries.

People who have learned the hard lesson without having their boundaries in place most often find themselves alone and isolated – yet still needing human connection.  Being deprived in this way leads us into depression, emotional health problems which lead to a decline in physical health.

Human Connection Specialists offer instruction and a safe environment to learn and practice conscious communication, boundaries and consent. There really is no other way for a person to gain these much needed skills other than safe and practical practice such as offered here. Any honest person will tell you that to go into the real world or dating scene without having a clear set of boundaries and the voice to speak them in place is not safe or wise. Here, a trained professional can guide you to understand many hidden yet important aspects of human relationship, connection and touch to empower you with understanding and practical, practiced communication skills to help keep yourself safe.

Perhaps you already have boundaries and don’t have a problem speaking them – but at the same time you are NOT wanting to develop a partnership/relationship. Sessions for consolation, comfort and companionship are welcome with the understanding that this is a professional service and a code of conduct with boundaries is always adhered to.

If you do not have a practitioner available in your location, a lot of satisfaction and healing can be had through zoom or phone sessions.  Just knowing there is someone here who will hold space for you to be authentic, to hear you and have a safe and intentional connection/conversation can be a huge gift to someone who is feeling isolated.

Who are clients?

  • Individuals who are working through issues that involve the fear of connection and being touched by another.

  • Individuals who need to overcome past violations, practice using your voice, learn to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

  • Individuals who are working with talk therapists and need touch and real-time practice in intimate, heart-centered communications and connection with another human being.

  • Widowers, divorcees or singles who have lost their touch partner and are still in need of this basic human contact.

  • Individuals who are recovering from abuse or neglectful relationship.

  • Awkward or uncomfortable with other humans? You’re in the right place to learn and practice communication skills.

  • Those who have had a bad experience with other human beings and feel like they need to be retrained or learn about healthy boundaries and practice communicating boundaries

  • Anyone who wants to learn and practice speaking their authentic truth and boundaries to re-wire old patterns of not having a voice in situations

Healing comes in different forms.  Sessions can be therapeutic, comforting, educational, or playful and fun.  Sessions are client-led, wholesome and experiential learning conscious communication, spoken boundaries and consent.

Please let me re-affirm this service is therapeutic/nurturing in nature.  As a Christian, I am committed to holding safe, platonic boundaries.    If what you are looking for is not something you would do in front of your pastor or other spiritual advisor, grandmother or a child, then this is not what you are looking for.

Session information from Barbara

At our session, we will start the first 5-7 minutes by discussing what you hope to get from our time together, remind ourselves that this is a safe place for strictly platonic touch and we will both agree to speak up and be honest if there is ANY feeling of unease or discomfort about anything during our session.

Booking a Session:   All sessions are booked through this webpage at the “Request A Session” link beneath my profile picture.    When I receive your request to book a session through that link  I will contact you for a brief screening call and to arrange a schedule


Please book your session ahead of time as I do not do same-day appointments, and generally need at least two days in order to complete my screening process before scheduling a person session.

I accept cash or Venmo.

I also require 24 hours notice for cancellations.

Because I sometimes travel outside my home town location,  I may not have a place of my own near you where we can meet.  In that case, there are other cuddling possibilities!  They include:

  • a public park or the beach
  • a movie theater
  • a coffee shop with comfy sofas
  • a hospice or retirement community
  • an Airbnb or other rented space
  • possibly your residence or
  • another place that you suggest.

We will negotiate traveling fees and other costs. I do have a sliding scale for online/distance sessions and people who have special needs.

Please make sure you read and agree to the Code of Conduct https://cuddlist.com/code-of-conduct/

If you have any questions or concerns, please state what those are within the space provided when you submit to “Request a Session”

I look forward to meeting you soon and will be honored to share space with you.


Standard Rate $150 per hour session /  Prepaid Discount Package:  3 sessions (3 hours) for $350.

PANDEMIC SPECIAL RATE is available for tela and zoom sessions/Sliding Scale Fee is available for those in need.

VIRTUAL SESSIONS:  $70. hr (Special Rate During Coronavirus Pandemic) / Discount Package:  4 for $240.  To schedule and secure a time, please pre-pay through Venmo or you may mail your payment in the form of a Money Order to Barbara Hadley PO Box 9233, Kalispell MT  59904.  Once I receive payment, we will schedule a time.  My Venmo Handle is:  Barbara Canfield Hadley @Barbara-Ellen-   (please make sure you have the exact handle correct to make sure payment is sent to the correct account)

All sessions are secured with prepayment.  Ask about discount package rates

Skills & Specialties

Life Coach Trauma Informed Consent/Communication/Boundary Coach Relationship and Intimacy Coach Reflexology/Pressure Point Treatments Natural Health Practitioner Health Assessment Detox Treatments Bio-Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation Musician - Private Music Teacher - Guitar Fiddle

Virtual Sessions available through zoom or phone call.


Contact me for availability and to secure a time for your session. Please send your Venmo handle with your request for session and we will secure a time in the schedule

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