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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour + Arranged Transportation for Outcalls

Chicago/Naperville, IL

About Bee

“Honey Bee
I am living and loving in Chicago, Illinois.

A Little Bee About Me: Ecclectic, dynamic, fun loving, free spirit. Living my best life filled with smiles and sunshine every day.

Healer. Artist. Performer.

I’m a big burner and hippy flower child and bring an awesome traveling theme camp, art grant art, and performances to music festivals, Burning Man events, clubs, and other event venues. I have 2 art galleries in the US and am prepping for my first international one!
I am a sex researcher, tantra, magick, and kink eductor and speaker and am presently working association with ISTA.

I have a degree in Speech Pathology and Drama Therapy from the University of Iowa and the research team I led was there. I have a passion for helping others be their best self.
I started my Yoga, Tantra, and Reiki journey in 2009 and since then was once among some of the youngest certified instructors and healers…I’ve since aged a bit but I’m loving 22

I’m experienced in Taoism, aroma therapy, massage therapy, sound therapy, aerials (lyra, yoga hammock, and silks I), and acroyoga.

I find a painful disconnect within our society from a touch standpoint and love seeing how cuddling, hugs, and warm embracing human touch can enhance the life of individuals in such positive ways.

I am saddened in truly realizing the amount of people not hugged regularly, we need 8 hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth.

From a scientific and chemical standpoint during cuddling the brain releases oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin which are feel good horomones. When these are released we experience feelings of happiness, relaxation, improve mood, and lower levels of depression.

I am with a group protesting current legal ramifications for licensed therapists hugging clients and instead have opted for being a cuddle therapist and not continuing with licensing until this has changed.

I’ve found that every cuddle session is uniquely different in the ways each person enjoys their contact, conversation, and experience. I’ve found self-fulfillment and seen fulfillment in others through cuddle sessions.

On Cuddlist I seek to bring flow and harmony to reach and touch many more lives cultivating peace and bliss.

Let’s Connect and Share Positive Energy and Quality Time”

Session information from Bee

I am unable to host, but am accepting in person sessions to your space and ask that an Uber or Lyft is arranged to pick me up to and from your space as I’ve recently adventured here and do not have a traditional vehicle of my own. I focus on being present with you and caring for your wants and needs during our time shared.

Skills & Specialties

Reiki Massage Therapy Aroma Therapy Aerials Yoga Lyra Pole Tantra Energy Healing Somatics Intimacy Coaching Wingman Life Coaching


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