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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80 per hour and travel fee

Red Bank, NJ | New York, NY

About Bella

Bella’s life work is dedicated to the goal of yoga or self realization. She believes in doing what you love and loving what you do”. Bella meditates daily for this with her yoga practice. Because smiling is said to be the highest form of meditation, Bella is honored as a Certified Cuddlist to hold a safe nurturing space for you to naturally smile.

Finding joy in being helpful, Bella volunteers regularly feeding the homeless in New York City. Her biography includes teaching at Harvard University.  Also Bella’s credits include being a  Beach Yoga pioneer on Martha’s Vineyard where she hosted a radio show on WMVY called “Stay Tuned” for feeling great!

Because of Bella’s fulfillment being hugged by the Hugging Saint Amma, Bella gratefully shares cuddling as a way for you to tune into positively beneficial and transformative energy successfully.

Session information from Bella

Your session can be held either at my private Red Bank, NJ oasis with free parking or on location in New York City. My cozy, beautiful and nurturing office has a massage table with a heating pad and also a traditional thai mat that is like a large size futon. Experience peacefulness, beauty and comfort with the ambience including your choice of wonderful music.  Enjoy a sense of blissfulness viewing my original artwork with tranquil colors. We begin the session with creating a comfortable consensual agreement than honors the protocol for cuddling. I focus on empowering you to relax and be nurtured comfortably, beneficially and successfully.

Skills & Specialties

Thai Yoga Massage Specialist Hug Therapy Pioneer Reiki Tantra Yoga Healer Holistic Arts Hot Oil Treatment Aromatherapist Consultant Fine Artist Musician Ballerina Gourmet Raw Organic Vegan Chef Yoga Author Certified Coach


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