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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $150 per hour with 3 hour maximum appointment and a sliding scale of $100 hour is considered.

Red Bank and Asbury Park, New Jersey to NYC

About Bella


“Warm and inviting, Bella’s sessions are not unlike a reunion with a close companion. Emphasizing a sense of peace and clam, she never fails to look at the positive. Her embrace is deeply comforting and she is always to lend an ear to calm a troubled mind. Spiritually focused, her insight pushed beyond cuddling with her meditation practices and consultations. Seemingly dedicated to calm a troubled mind, she is always ready to lend an ear and reach out to connect. Generous and compassionate, entering her tranquil world was truly phenomenal. She truly helped me and I am very grateful for this one of a kind cuddlist.”

“Bella, you truly helped me and I am very grateful.”

“At first I was skeptical. The Cuddlist session was really helpful and I recommend it.”


As a Therapeutic Cuddlist, Bella is grateful to share her work with others in a harmonious and empowering way. Her clients include people craving hugs and touch to individuals who grew up isolated and are looking to reestablish trust to those who are overworked, living or craving attention respectfully.

Bella is a Certified Cuddlist, Specialist in Thai Yoga Massage, Tantra Yoga Healer, Aromatherapist, Gourmet Raw Vegan Chef and Fine Artist. She is the author of “Vineyard, Yoga and The Miracle Food” and volunteers regularly to help feed the homeless and to help the environment.

Session information from Bella

A telephone conversation will occur to schedule your Cuddlist session. All sessions are held at Bella’s nurturing oasis and art gallery in Red Bank, NJ.

“Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. May all beings be peaceful and content. Peace within you, peace around you and peace in the universe.”

Skills & Specialties

Excellent Listener and Communicator Optimistic Support Thai Yoga Massage Specialist Reiki Natural Healing Holistic Modalities Tantra Yoga Healer Aromatherapist Fine Artist Musician Published Author Consultant Life Coach Gourmet Raw Organic Vegan Chef Radio Producer and Host of "Stay Tuned Show" for Feeling Great


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