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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $60/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Seattle, WA

About Ben

You’re seeking healing, peace, and connection with a trustworthy ally. What a wonderful gift to give yourself! I would be honored to be that ally, to create an intentional space for platonic touch. Literal cuddling isn’t even necessary! Maybe you want to stand and hug, sit and share a quiet moment together, or simply hold the hand of someone who will just listen. No matter what form it takes, it’s a space we’ll consensually create together with the honesty and respect both you and I deserve.

Platonic touch – in the many ways it can manifest – has changed my life for the better. Like many of us, I’d been taught I either had to earn touch, or have it foisted upon me at the whims of another. Working with a Cuddlist years ago taught me that only *we* get to decide who gets to be in our personal space: in the manner we desire, our boundaries respected, our needs satisfied, *without* the pressures of physical and emotional expectations often associated with intimate spaces.

This revelation allowed me to approach my relationships – romantic or otherwise – with a new sense of empowerment and self-respect. I learned not to be ashamed of my body and my emotions, to ask for what I needed, and be unafraid to say no to what I didn’t. So simple! But impossible to practice if you feel you don’t deserve it.

Though you and I have never met, I firmly believe that *you do in fact* deserve to give and receive the touch and connection that’s been missing in your life. Whomever you choose to discover this truth with – myself or another Cuddlist – please know that we would be honored to be that guide.

All touch and energy exchanged are uncompromisingly platonic; all types of people, genders, belief systems, and races are welcomed.

Session information from Ben

On weekdays, I have openings between 10am – 1pm and 7pm – 10pm. Weekends are fairly open, but may require more advance notice.

Sessions are offered at a minimum of 60 minutes each. For your first session, I recommend booking at least 90 minutes – this will give us time to meet and talk about what you’re looking for.

If you are in a challenging financial situation that factors into your ability to seek out a session, I offer a sliding scale to my clients. Everyone deserves the benefits that cuddling can offer!

Kindly allow 24 hours for a cancellation, or assume responsibility for payment of the missed session.


Weekdays between 10am - 1pm and 7pm - 10pm.

Weekends between 10am - 10pm.

Sessions are offered at a minimum of 60 minutes each.

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