Recently, here at Cuddlist headquarters, we received an email from a client, sharing their experience with Cuddlist compared to other cuddle websites, after having received sessions with numerous practitioners. We really appreciated their feedback and thought we’d share.

Cuddlist is the best and most awesomest company. I have met a lot of Cuddlist practitioners from this company and they are all very professional, organized, well trained and really know the reason that they are here in this business. My outcomes for this business is as follows:

-Cuddlist practitioners are very well trained and certified

-Cuddlist practitioners have different levels of training

-Cuddlist practitioners are very professional

-Cuddlist practitioners listen to you and your life’s problems, and recommend you better solution while taking caring of your platonic touch needs.

-They follow a very well set business model to train their Cuddlist practitioners.

-They define the boundaries before the start of the session.

-These Cuddlist practitioners are never confused, and are there to help you in down or low times of your life.

Conclusion: I highly recommend Cuddlist to anyone who is genuinely looking for to take care of their platonic touch needs, and want to run their life in a better way.

I have seen the following Cuddlist practitioners and I speak highly of them because they’ve helped me go through tough time of my life in a great manner:

– Louisa (VA) “she no longer works anymore” (My First Cuddlist practitioner)

Jasmine (VA)

Indigo Dawn (VA)

Cecelia Catalina Baez (PA)

Robin (KS)

Madelon (IL)

Conclusions after working with other organizations:

Snuggle Buddies: They are more focused on making money than cuddling, and or training their employees, very non-professional, and in the business for the wrong reason.

Cuddle Companions: They are same like Snuggle Buddies, but just a different name in the business.

Cuddle Connect: Their cuddlers are non-trained, they are living in dark, and they ask their clients on how to do cuddling, so I heard from the community.

Cuddle Comfort: Long story short, it’s a wild wild world out there, if you want to do cuddling with this or similar companies, you have to be very careful. You must know what is right or wrong,; make sure boundaries are clearly defined and observed; session has to be platonic, honest, and healing; because you cannot rely on cuddlers to help you or teach you this, when it comes to Cuddle Comfort.

Thanks, Friend!