At Cuddlist, we encourage our clients as we encourage ourselves to be our best selves. We embody consent, boundaries, empowerment and radical acceptance. Our clients express a feeling of “humanness” that can only be experienced to be understood. The loving presence in which the session is held is powerful and our clients walk away from a session with a greater sense of connectedness, love, and acceptance of themselves and others.

It is our goal that each Cuddlist Practitioner sees themselves as part of a transformational movement, and that clients leave a session not only feeling better, lighter, and happier, but equipped with tools that will enable them to be more present in their lives, with a domino effect, impacting others in positive ways.

Our clients are amazed at what they have gotten out of just one session. They feel open and expansive, and they feel pure presence.

There is a saying that “We don’t know what we don’t know”, clients book sessions for many different reasons, and their expectations are not only met, but exceeded because of the heart-opening they feel.

A session with a Cuddlist can help you re-discover who you are and that underneath all feelings of inadequacy, doubt, fear, and shame is your ability to give and receive in a joyful and honest way. Our clients report feeling more connected and imbued with a new sense of hopefulness and lightness.

We are so grateful to all of our Cuddlist practitioners, and are privileged to be on this journey with them.

Nicolette Cetrulo
Anna Joy Reedy
Adam Lippin