(Cuddlist Michelle Renee discusses the session she gave a Cuddle Sanctuary trainee.)

Since Cuddle Sanctuary and Cuddlist formed a relationship, I’ve had the privilege of knowing many professional cuddlers trained by Cuddle Sanctuary who are now crossovers as Cuddlists. Once someone is trained through Cuddle Sanctuary, they have the option to go through Cuddlist training for free. All of them have a very special quality that’s hard to describe, and they embody the spirit of this nurturing work.

I had an opportunity to have a session this past Friday with a woman who is in the Cuddle Sanctuary training program, who, as “part of her homework,” reached out to me to request a session. Cuddle Sanctuary recognizes the importance of experiencing the service they are preparing to provide, and how trainees can benefit from the wisdom of an experienced practitioner.

I gave her a call, per my usual vetting process. We introduced ourselves and she asked if it would be ok if she asked me questions about my work while we cuddled. I said “of course!”

She arrived right on time, and after I oriented her to my space, she asked her first question. We hadn’t even sat on the bed and gone over our trust pact yet. “Is this room just for cuddling?!” I’m very fortunate to have the extra space, living in an expensive city like San Diego.

“Yes, this room is primarily used for clients. It occasionally serves as a guest room too,” I answered, a little embarrassed that we do have the privilege of having the space. I continued to explain that back in Michigan, where I first started as a Cuddlist, I cuddled in my living room on a large couch.

We took a seat on the queen sized bed that sits in the corner, in the style of an oversized daybed. Next we agreed to both speak up if either of us were ever uncomfortable and I assured her that I would never say Yes to any request I wasn’t a whole-hearted Yes to. Then we got to cuddling.

I believe that during that session we found a lovely balance of cuddle experience AND sharing my experience of doing this work for the last 2.5 years. As our session wrapped up, I shared how much I enjoyed meeting Fei and Jean from Cuddle Sanctuary last January and that I wished I would be in town to join the training. Hopefully next time!

I’m so thankful and proud that Cuddlist and Cuddle Sanctuary have such a close working relationship. The family of quality cuddlers just keeps expanding. Good luck, future cuddling pro!