I recently started working with a transgender client who had top surgery several
months ago. They came to me wanting to explore receiving touch in their newly
changed body. It’s been an honor to provide a safe space for them to explore what
kinds of touch feel good and to see them grow in confidence around identifying and
then asking for what they want.

There is still a lot of incompetence around and downright discrimination against
transgender and non-binary people in our society. The process of physically
transitioning can be a scary, stressful, and sometimes isolating experience. While
there are more protective laws and more visibility of transgender issues than ever
before, there are still many ways in which it’s not safe to be in a trans body in
America. Cuddlist sessions offer a safe space for people to be seen and accepted for
who they are.

As a Cuddlist, I have the opportunity to provide physical and emotional nurturance
and care to people in queer and trans communities going through transitions,
whether that be physically coming into alignment with their gender, or other life
changes that we all experience such as the ending of relationships, death of loved
ones, moving to a new place, job transitions, being diagnosed with an illness or
physical condition, etc.

Transitions are a time of big change and upheaval in a person’s life no matter what
gender you are. Having some extra support during those times is particularly
important and Cuddlist sessions can provide both physical and emotional care to
help calm the nervous system, reduce stress, tap into feel-good hormones like
oxytocin, and be a safe space to explore new ways of communicating and being.
If you are experiencing transition in your life, consider booking a Cuddlist session.
You deserve to have nurturing touch and support in your life!

Nellie Wilson