What constitutes cheating?

One assumption to clear up is that people who come to see a Cuddlist are very committed to their partners. However, there are times when relationships become tense and difficult for whatever reason. We are not here to judge or to give advice. We are here to provide a safe place for you to experience touch and to break away from life’s problems for just a little while.

A common question asked by a lot of people is, “Why don’t your client’s go to a therapist?”

There’s a lot of different reasons for different people. However, people confuse touch and sex. The terrain is extreme confusing in a relationship where it’s hard to know or decipher when you or your partner want’s sex or just touch.

How do you ask for touch?

How do you make yourself vulnerable?

This is because depending on any given situation in a relationship, it can be seriously over thought out. These are serious problems! Cuddlist’s are here to help you get your touch needs met, to help you figure out what you like and how to ask for what you want.

We are a safe container, where we know nothing is going to happen beyond what we established. Clients come and meet for an hour or two and the session is over. There’s no communication between sessions unless it’s to do with scheduling a new session or answering questions.

Why is this good?

If you have a partner who is seeing a Cuddlist, you know that these sessions are strictly platonic and the integrity of our work is real.

Why is it a good idea to see a Cuddlist?

It helps you slow down and word on yourself?. We also help you disconnect the touch from sex. This is crucial to make that separation and to properly communicate what you want.

Cuddlist is a healthcare service!

There has been so much research that has been done about the benefits of touch and it’s effects on the immune system, stress reduction and more which you can read about here.

So is it cheating?

Nobody who comes to a Cuddlist wants to hurt their partner. They are trying to be their better selves. They are trying to be better partners.