In this episode of Cuddlist Talks, we go over the 5 essential cuddling hacks to make you a better person. These tips will allow you to over time, develop a more physical and intimate experience with and gain a better sense of who you are.

  1. Eyes
    Eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes are difficult to use in an intimate setting because it’s one of the most vulnerable parts of who we are. “Sometimes I will just ask them, ‘How about we just hold and eye gaze just for a little bit?’ For just 5 or 10 seconds. With each time we can experience this deeper connection; this deeper ability for them to trust and for them to create that sense of safety.”
  2. Breathing
    In meditation and other sacred practices, as well as medical, know that breath is essential and really improves our health. Allowing your breath to go deeper and To improve who we are as people. We can slow down and develop this connection.
  3. Micro Touch
    With cuddling, there are these Micro Touches that we experience. They are gentle and subtle touches that we can’t experience just through message.
  4. Heart Beat
    When you are close with someone and feel them, you understand and right away that this person is living being. You can feel there heart beat from various parts of their body. Find someone’s heart beat and listen to it as if it were music. You will find something beautiful and rhythmic about it because it’s nature’s music.
  5. Stomach Gurgles
    There are always going to be awkward moments. There are sounds that come out of the body. It happens! It’s part of who we are and it reminds us to laugh and to take ourselves a little less seriously.