Here at Cuddlist, we emphasize the diversity of physical and psychological benefits of cuddling and often share meaningful client testimonies. While we take pride in how our professional non-sexual touch has helped transform our clients’ lives, we also work hard to ensure that our certified practitioners love every session. Today’s blog post spotlights a few of our dedicated Cuddlist practitioners, as they describe the most rewarding aspects of this job.

Located in Los Angeles, Soleiman has been a Cuddlist practitioner since fall 2016. He loves witnessing the ripple effects that non-sexual touch has on his clients beyond their cuddling sessions. “I love being a Cuddlist because of the expressions on my clients faces after a session. The words they express in an email after a session or the words they express to me the next time they see me about the impact the session had on their lives is priceless.”

Soleiman’s clients have shared how sessions with him have helped them find and trust themselves, while fulfilling his own desire for touch and connection. “[Cuddling] nourishes me, it is one of my self-care acts,” he says, “and there is no other better win-win than that.”

Theresa Andrews also practices in California and has seen how affectionate touch nurtures respect for ourselves and respect for others. She says, “I am renewed when I have a client that comes in feeling isolated but leaves feeling like they have been seen and heard; nobody should feel invisible and unimportant.”

Boulder’s Corwin Duncan enthusiastically agrees: “I love being a Cuddlist practitioner because I can show people how it feels to be safe, cared for, and respected.” He describes the satisfaction of helping his clients accept and assert themselves through non-sexual touch. “By giving my clients the lived experience of full and complete respect, I also begin to remind them that they deserve respect.”

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