Disability and Cuddling.It is a phenomenon that is rarely talked about, thus this month, Cuddlist was given a special opportunity to get an inner look on a session between one of our certified Cuddlists, Ilya, and her client Steve. Their sessions are particularly unique because Steve has spina bifida – a condition that hindered the growth of his spinal column at birth.’

As an adult who has always lived with this disability, he has felt a disconnect from other human beings and affectionate touch though most of his life. As a Cuddlist, Ilya provides Steve with a safe, communicative and respectable space by providing a destigmatized environment for self-expression.

We captured some amazing footage of their sessions which are filled with mutual understanding and care shown through positive touch. Check out our August Focus of the Month, “Disability and the Cuddlist,” to watch the video and learn more about how Cuddlist is able to serve as a vital resource of safe and healing space to people with disabilities.

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